12 neon signs to help define your interior theme

12 neon signs to help define your interior theme

Jul 22, 2020 Read More

“Nice”. It’s a bit of a vanilla word, isn’t it? Now there’s nothing wrong with a room being described as nice but the adjective doesn’t quite carry the same weight as words like stunning, inspiring or magical. Though we love a nice room at yellowpop, we prefer our decor to be a little more distinctive. That’s exactly what our LED neon signs bring to a room - a finishing touch that captures the vibe of a room, whether the decor be serene, eclectic, refined, chic or even whimsical. So, on that note, here are twelve of our favorite room-defining neon signs that will set the tone at the flick of a switch.


Elegant and stylish, these two neon signs capture “chic” perfectly. The first, designed by the team at The Boys Club Berlin, is a bold and beautiful set of red lips encapsulating the German word “bussi” which translates into kiss. We think “Bussi” brings a room to life without overdoing it - the ideal balance. Next to it we have the slightly more linear design “Earrings” by Clara Bergel. Though understated, this neon sign radiates femininity and sass, while the pop of red offsets the simplicity perfectly.


Playful rooms tend to be a fun space where you, your family and friends can unwind and chill out. Just because a room is playful in nature however doesn’t mean the room is a designated play area however. Often, all a room needs is one or two playful items to create a more fun, laid-back atmosphere. “Andy Banana” is a great neon for art lovers as it glows a beautiful vibrant yellow and is reminiscent of a certain American pop artist you may have heard of. We’ve seen it light up halls, dining rooms and of course, the home of the fruit bowl - the kitchen. If you are looking for something truly playful however then look no further than “The Rocket”. Like Andy Banana, The Rocket is part of our core collection and would make a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom or a playroom.


Some people prefer a minimalist, monochromatic color scheme while others prefer to hit every color of the interior rainbow. If you lean towards more muted palettes, adding an LED neon sign can be particularly effective in livening a room without having to add color to every other element. If you sit on the other end of the color scale however, neon signs can take you to new vibrant heights by adding even more color to your interior designs. The awesome, melting “Ice Cream” by Kelly Dabbah, gives you five colors in one neon sign and provides plenty of character for one room. Next to it is the Hong Kong inspired “Double Happiness” by Emily Eldridge. The muralist maestro seamlessly combines six neon shades in this lively sign that would bring any space to life with an explosion of color.


The most beautiful rooms can still lack energy and despite their pleasing aesthetic, these sorts of spaces can make you feel as if you are drifting through the day (which isn’t always a bad thing). Creating energy within a room doesn’t mean you need to fill it with items either. In fact, you can still have a simple, minimalist theme but with the addition of a special feature to your wall, like a neon sign, your room will hold a lot more energy and feel a lot more complete. Ju Schnee’sEnsemble” is an abstract design with bold, block colors. The lively shapes and movement in this neon is a great way to add an interior twist to a room lacking energy. Similarly, “Cuddle” by LILKOOL is a really interesting piece. His design is full of character and reflects his trademark style. This neon would bring any room to life and we think it would look particularly cool in a basement or loft conversion.


Have you ever walked into a room and just felt it lacked a bit of warmth? Even with heaters on full blast or summer in full swing the room still retains a chill and no amount of blankets seems to remedy the cold. Color schemes and soft furnishings are essential to making a room feel warmer, as are interior accessories like candles or flowers. The glow from neon creates a lovely, warm atmosphere in a room, especially in the evening as the daylight outside starts to subside. This heart shaped neon, aptly named “Big Big Heart”, from our Core Collection brings warmth on two levels. The first being the neon glow, which is available in a variety of colors to suit your interior theme. The second being the heart shape which, as a symbol of love, is warm in and of itself. Another neon that we feel radiates warmth is Steffi Lynn’sGo For It”. It’s colorful, positive and beams an uplifting upbeat message.


Breathe in… breathe out. How do we create a sense of calm in the home? Keeping your space clear of clutter, soft pastel colors, plants and candles - these are all easy ways of bringing a sense of tranquility to a room. Even though neon is renowned for its electric glow, they fit perfectly in calm rooms and can compliment a room designed to help you relax beautifully. The warm, yellow glow in “Life is a beach” transports you to lazy summer days on the beach by the ocean. The sign isn’t particularly intrusive and sits on the wall without making too much visual noise. Instead, the yellow light brings a soft, sunny stillness making it a perfect addition for calmer rooms. Another neon sign that can bring a sense of calm is “Serendipity”. Designed in a handwritten style, the word “serendipity” quite literally means good fortune. A positive message that is simple in design and glows beautifully in white.

Of course, if you have something really specific in mind, you can always design your own neon sign. Custom neons are the best way to capture the exact vibe you are looking for as you have full control over what you want your neon to look like. Pick a font, a color, a size, add what you want you want the sign to say and voila! Or, alternatively, add a logo and get something a little more bespoke.

So, no more mr nice guy. Why not have a look around our collections, get yourself a neon sign and create a space that is much more than just nice. Breathe life into your room, add some flair while creating a more purposeful atmosphere. Whether that’s more playful or chic, calmer or more energetic, there’s a neon sign waiting for you.