Purple Neon Signs

Purple Neon Signs

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

All you really need to know about purple is one main thing: it’s basically been considered the unofficial color of royalty since ancient times, when the Byzantine and Roman empires turned particular mollusk shells into special dye just to make kingly and queenly robes. To this day, purple positively screams, “I’m the best,” which is why it’s perfect for a flashy, fun LED neon sign that will be sure to turn heads and get you all kinds of good attention. The coolest person in the history of everything, Prince, was called the “Purple One” because he loved the color so much he named a movie and song “Purple Rain” in tribute. Even his piano was purple! Seriously! 

If it’s good enough for Prince, it’s good enough for us. Purple probably isn’t the first color you think of when you’re shopping for an LED neon sign, but we highly recommend giving it a shot. “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it,” Alice Walker wrote in the aptly-titled The Color Purple. All the more reason to fill your house with bright, boisterous purple — no one won’t notice you.

Still a little intimidated about putting purple in your own home? Don’t worry — we got you. At Yellowpop, we think the pop of a purple neon sign might be just the thing you need to transform your house into your castle.



Places for purple  

The place we really know a purple neon sign has potential is in any kid’s room. Bored of pink for girls and blue for boys? So are we. A purple neon sign is the perfect happy medium, the most playful color on the entire spectrum. Within color theory, purple is said to stimulate creativity as well, so a big purple Yellowpop sign in a child’s playroom might be just the thing to get a kid’s brain moving in the right direction. Imagine our “Playroom” sign in poppy purple and try not to smile — we absolutely dare you.

Or be even siller: Don’t ask us exactly why, but we dream of a bright purple bathroom. There’s something irreverent and cheeky about turning the W.C. into a royal throne rome. Why not try a purple neon sign above the toilet or medicine cabinet, to make every trip in and out of the shower like some magical, mystical glowing cave.

Purple also has the perfect properties to brighten up a drab hallway. Not sure what to do with a narrow space that’s only purpose is for getting people through the door? A little purple might add a smidgen of marvelosity to any wall. 



Purple possibilities

Purple is for ballers and bosses, so we recommend it on any Yellowpop neon sign that conveys power and pomposity, like “Do epic shit,” “You got this,” and, perhaps most fittingly, The Crown, which will look like the coolest graffiti symbol in town when it’s done up in the prettiest, proudest of purples. 

For custom signs, the possibilities are endless, especially for any quote or braggadocious line from your favorite song that you’re hoping to see in the boldest possible neon. “The world is yours,” “King shit,” “Exceptional,” “I make the rules,” “Diamonds and rose,” “What a girl wants,” “Boss,” “Money, power, respect,” “I’m my own best friend,” “Flawless,” “Who needs a degree when you’re schoolin’ life” — any aristocratic line (or Beyonce lyric) with lots of nobility will look extra perfect in purple.



How to mix and match

Purple is so singularly stupendous that its uniqueness actually makes it quite versatile — it looks good next to almost any shade, and your Yellowpop neon sign should fit in perfectly almost anywhere you put it. Purple and yellow means baller-ific Lakers jerseys; purple and green evokes fresh cut flowers and sugary sweet grapes; purple and blue is as relaxing and tranquil as cherry blossoms in the sky.

What’s the moral of the story? Don’t be petrified of purple — it’s a color with a lot of swag, and when it’s in bright Yellowpop neon, it’s sure to make you feel like a million bucks.