André Saraiva neon signs

André Saraiva

Street Artist, Painter, Entrepreneur
Paris - New York, France - USA

about andré saraiva

Known for his inimitable graffiti and pioneering work in nightlife and hospitality, André Saraiva’s universe is full of light and full of play. From the mischievous grin of Mr. A, to his interpretation of the yellowpop rocket, we knew immediately that the collaboration would be a hit. His imagery and his attitude were made for neon. We’ve always been huge fans of Andre’s work, and when we first started collaborating with artists, he instantly came to mind. For us, working with an icon like André and bringing his art to life in neon is what yellowpop is all about.

“Neons are my shooting stars in the night of the cities. They make the magic start when the sun goes down and when I can go and paint the walls with a sexy glow. These neons are a tribute to those times.”