Ceizer neon signs

For Dutch typography artist Ceizer, words are power. And they can mean something slightly different to each of us.

Since we’re all about helping you do you, a collab with the text obsessed designer was a perfect fit.

To say he understood the assignment is an understatement. In his new collection, Ceizer locked on to our philosophy of dopamine design and leveled it up.

We can’t wait to share what he created. Check it out below.

The Collection

Choose one of six feel-good neon signs designed by a lettering pro. Or better yet, nab a couple of these limited edition artworks and start your Ceizer collection off with a bang.



Pieter Ceizer is a Dutch typographical artist and designer living and working in Paris. Ceizer started deconstructing letters to create colorful abstract compositions.
His abstract work suggest a dream state of mind in which he blurs the line between words and figure, letters and abstract art. His paintings and wooden pieces balance color and shape, creating a playful and uplifting dynamic.



Ceizer believes in the power of written words. He describes is art being about words, power, colors and empowerment. With those 6 LED Neon Ceizer is featuring his favorite words and piece of work.

Shine Bright

Stand out from the masses with one of these blink-and-you’ll-miss-it limited edition drops. Yeah, we’re only making 20 of each, so they’re going to go fast. Consider yourself warned.

Go Off Script

Life should be fun. And so should your art. Ceizer is all about playing with form, deconstructing type, and taking chances with color. Our dopamine receptors approve.

Dream Big

From the skate park to the fashion world, Ceizer’s path has been one hell of a ride. We’re stoked to join his long list of collaborators that includes clothing brands, tech companies, and major museums.

Keep it Real

Authenticity is everything. And we love how Ceizer took the field of typography and made it his own. Breaking rules. Making new ones. And tossing those out too. He’s constantly pushing the boundaries of design.

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“Yellowpop made it more accessible for me to work with art and neon. It gives a very fresh new vibe to my work. My art is about words, poetry, colors & empowerment”

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