About David Elia


David Elia is a Brazilian artist and designer born in 1982. David has received critical acclaim in a variety of projects. He is one of the spearheads of new movements of creative hybrid professionals who offer innovative works, which mix the best of contemporary art and design.

David’s work addresses the issues affecting the Brazilian people such as environmental degradation, drug trafficking, violence, inadequate urban infrastructure, and security. The artist also attributes the formation of the modern Brazilian culture to the blending of foreign cultures such as Asian, African and European. He uses this aspect of cultural hybridization to develop and design his work.

Further information can be found at davidelia.com


My inspiration for this series called “sinalização" in Portuguese is influenced by the use of different types of foliage and flora to ward off potential negative energy. Brazilians will strategically place these amulets around the garden or foyer of the house in order to prevent any mal-olhado (bad luck).