Pink Neon Signs

Channel your inner sweetness, sexiness, or sassiness with a pink neon sign. You have a lot of color options when creating or selecting your neon, but nothing creates a bold yet enticing atmosphere quite like pink LED light.

Dreamin’ in Pink LED Neon Signs

Let’s talk about pink LED light for a second. When choosing a neon sign, you want to carefully consider how the light it emits will affect the mood of the space you’re decorating. This is, of course, the huge benefit to neon lights, it’s not only a light source, but it’s also wall art. You want your sign light to compliment the vibe of your neon art, and you want the light your pink sign emits to really capture the vibe of your chosen design. 

Setting the Mood with Neon Signs

WIth pink neon, you’re guaranteed to create a mood that creates subtle sophistication. Perfect for your bedroom or more intimate space, pink neon creates a cozy atmosphere that feels private and a little otherworldly. Maybe you’re among the stars, maybe you’re just hanging out in your bedroom–pink light is perfect for adding a sweet touch to any room.

On the flip side, pink light also offers a taste of a bold, free attitude. There’s a reason some of our sassiest signs are displayed on our website in pink – pink colors are perfect for signs with an attitude that don’t want to come off too harsh. After all, who can be mad at a pink sign? ;) 

Think Custom Neon Signs Art

Considering a custom option and dreaming of pink neon? Submitting a custom design has never been easier with our new custom app. You can upload any art, or simply type out the text you’re looking for. Make your wall decor feel like you, and pick the design that reflects who you are in your space. Wall art is the easiest way to change the vibe with our neon signs in any room, and a custom sign will help you make the space feel like you! Shop custom, and you can create exactly the piece you’re looking for, our designers are wall decor experts and can help you choose the best design, backgrounds, and neon light colors for your custom neon!

Fast & Free Shipping

Of course – we also provide fast and free shipping, to ensure your pink neon LED sign (or signs!) gets to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Who wants to wait around for shipping when you could have an LED neon instead, am I right?