Smiley® neon signs


We are so proud to be part of the brands chosen to design a celebratory collection of the iconic Smiley®. For the occasion, we decided to go back to Smiley’s roots. In the 70s, Smiley® was printing yellow smiling faces next depressing newspaper headlines to remind people to stay positive and hopeful in a world at war with itself.

Sadly, in 2022 the world is still desperately in need of positivity and love. So we focused on designing neon signs that would lift your mood and home with positive mantras, soothing colors and energizing messaging.

The Collection

Six unique signs featuring the trademarked smiling character paired with inspirational messaging on an elegant transparent backing.



1) Easy to hang: We provide a free screw kit in each box for easy installation.

2) No tools needed: Don't want to mark your walls? Add the 3M Command Stripes (+$10) for one minute installation.

3) Plug it in: If you ordered a dimmer switch, plug it in between the piece and power supply. Then plug the power supply in and watch your wall come to life!

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take the time to smile


Meet our multi chromatic YP x Smiley® neon. This piece will shed a vibrant and psychedelic feel to your interior. Be ready for your dopamine levels to fly high.


Meet our first born of the YP x Smiley® neon family. This piece will sooth you when you feel down, stressed or angry. So hang it in a strategic spot!

Meet Smile, our mantra neon.

Hang this piece anywhere you need a daily reminder that you are awesome, positive and talented... You got this, just Smile!

Meet our slogan neon.

Daily affirmation, motto, note to self; this piece will make sure you carve a happy moment into your day. Even a small one.

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André saraiva x smiley®

To celebrate SMILEY's 50th Anniversary, artist André Saraiva re-interpreted his iconic Mr. A character and turned it into a brand new SMILEY® face.

Only 350 pieces available. Promos don't apply to this item.