Jean André LED neon signs

Jean André is back! Our collaboration with the much-loved Parisian tattoo artists is getting a facelift with 4 limited-edition LED neon signs. Never before has this display of unabashed class glowed so brightly, with new pieces for your home and walls.

Each sign comes in two sizes, and can be further personalized with your choice of color. In this way, the final product is the result of a collaboration between Jean André, Yellowpop, and YOU!

Tattoo parlors are almost synonymous with neon, so we love to work with inspired tattoo-artists to bring their artwork to life in a whole new way. Not only is it a stunning way to display their artwork in their studios, but it can also be used to brighten your home!


One of our most popular designs, in collaboration with Jean André, is getting a face lift! Explore 4 limited-edition iterations of the much-loved design, with words drawn in a chic cursive typography. Any one of these pieces will make for an unforgettable centerpiece that will grab the attention of all your guests!



Jean André is a French artist, illustrator, and co-founder of the Bon Jour Tattoo club. Beyond his stunning tattoo work, he has collaborated with multiple brands on art direction and collaborations such as Nike, Adidas, Maison Kitsuné, Colette, and more. While his designs are sensual with flourishing line-art foundations, they retain an alluring air of class and poise, a genre of tattoo art that Jean André has named “Gentleman Art.” This originality appealed to us the moment we saw his artwork, we knew they’d make stunning LED neon signs! André’s desire to add a glow-in-the-dark element to his artwork made his designs a perfect match for our neon artwork. We’re proud to reintroduce this collaboration with these four refurbished designs!


Light up your home with the “gentleman” artwork of Jean André’s classy tattoo designs, transformed into 4 stunning LED neon signs!

Make a Statement

Four bold statements, from a popular French phrase to everyone’s favorite four-letter word, are presented as vivid neon signs, perfect as centerpieces!

Personalized Icons

Our artist collaborations have never been more customizable with two different sizes and a range of color choices. It’s as if you’re collaborating with Jean André yourself!

Viva la Paris

Embrace your inner Parisian with the chic, flourish style of design that Jean André has named “gentleman art.” It’s the perfect way to bring a touch of the luxurious Parisian lifestyle into your home.

Bon Jour Club

Join a group of stylish, like-minded design lovers who’ve received tattoos and other artwork from the Parisian master known as Jean André. You’ll love your new neon so much, you might have to get a tattoo from the man himself!

"I liked the idea of tattooing walls with lines that glow in the dark and colors that enhance the iconic designs of our tattoo parlor. It's part of the Bon Jour Tattoo Club that comes to life in the darkness of your homes."