When it comes to LED neon signs, quality, safety, and sustainability are non-negotiable. That's why we've developed CertiLED™ - a groundbreaking technology that sets the new standard for the industry.

Our hand-crafted LED neons receive careful attention as they are cut and shaped into the masterpieces of light you’re looking for. No detail is too small for our neon artists, and each step of the process, from creation to packaging to shipping, is given the same level of attention.

The result is an LED neon sign that lasts. CertiLED™ technology significantly reduces energy transfer, so your sign won’t even get warm, let alone hot. This protects you and the sign from damage!

While it may take us 2 - 4 weeks to craft and ship your sign, this time is given entirely to the process of crafting your sign with care. We don’t rush. We don’t cut corners. We deliver the brightest and the best on the market!

Take a peek inside our workshop to see how our LED neon signs are made!

energy efficient

Our CertiLED™ technology consumes minimal energy, reducing your operational costs and carbon footprint. It only converts 5% of energy into heat. Save money and save the planet through sustainable artwork that doubles as a light source!

Exceptional lifespan

With a remarkable lifespan of 100,000 hours, CertiLED™ outperforms the average LEDs by an astounding 120%. This means fewer replacements and more peace of mind for you.

Optimal brightness

With CertiLED™, you can expect unequalled brightness consistency. Advanced controls ensure that our LED neon signs maintain optimal luminosity under various conditions, ensuring long-lasting visibility without overwhelming glare - making your LED neon signs more impactful.

earth friendly

Recognizing the need to protect our planet, we adopt manufacturing practices that minimize waste. When the time comes, CertiLED™ is recyclable, whereas traditional neon can’t be disposed of safely due to chemicals used.

safe as silk

Our signs won’t get warm and the durable tubing protects from breakages that could result in injury. You won’t find safer neon anywhere else!
Our CertiLED™ signs undergo rigorous testing for electrical safety, ensuring that they not only illuminate spaces but also ensure a hazard-free environment.

Industry compliance

The CertiLED™ is a testament to our product's adherence to industry standards and regulations. Yellowpop is fully certified with FCC, UL and Prop 65 standards, ensuring that you're investing in a product that meets the highest regulatory benchmarks in the United States.