Neons for Offices

Use an office neon sign to create a business space where productivity and new ideas are inspired by neon artwork. Our custom neon lets you design a logo, phrase, or imagery to unify your brand and create team spirit with a LED neon sign!


Elevate Your Office with Neon

Businesses big and small can benefit from an office neon sign, customized to fit your brand. Neon light promotes focus and acts as unique wall decor to impress visitors. Text-based signs or your logo in neon light offer endless design possibilities for your office. LED light can be used as a night light for those long evening work sessions. Neon signs are a vivid decor choice that will inspire your employees to create new projects and strategies. A custom sign for your office will brighten your space to impress potential clients and customers. Add neon light to your meetings to promote new ideas. Art for your business opens doors to new opportunities. Design your custom neon to optimize your business culture. Add striped wallpaper for an even more inviting and creative aesthetic!


A Neon Sign for Every Business

Yellowpop is the place to find an office neon sign for your business. Our sign reviews say it best, we’ve got the quality! You can customize your LED neon to fit your brand image. Neon LED is vibrant wall art that acts as a light that inspires, warms, and delights, employees and clients alike! We offer text-based signs, abstract signs, and inspirational signs with strong images and confident phrases. Shop our sign sale for discounts on neon signs that are free of harmful materials. Customize your neon sign with a backing style to give the neon sign its strongest appearance in your meeting room or office. Create a custom sign in the shape of an open tab for playful office art. We understand that a sale price may be more accommodating to your budget.


Light Up Any Space in Your Place!

Custom neon is versatile wall art that will enhance any room in your building or office. Neon LED can fit any design style, minimalist or maximalist, for an accessible price. LED signs can be designed to change colors depending on what you’re feeling, giving you more design options or allowing you to adjust your custom LED with your company’s changing style. An office neon sign gives you the chance to include a wide range of colors in a single space and can be used in a meeting room, open-plan office, hallways, or even the bathroom! Neon light is great mood lighting to optimize productivity. We offer free shipping on your LED neon sign so you can get your art for a more accessible sale price free of hidden charges.