we exist
to spark creativity

It all comes back to a fundamental belief – that creativity exists in us all. Sometimes it just needs setting alight.

we are global

Yellowpop teams, artist partners, collaborators, all come from all over the world (over 10+ languages). The Internet has changed the world forever. We should be closer to each other more than ever, regardless of our ethnicity, age, gender, and sexual identification, etc. We want to learn from everybody’s culture and background to share it with the world and celebrate individuality. That is, in a nutshell, our passion for a better and more creative world.

just do you

Not afraid of thinking differently, not willing to stick to so-called “good taste” or safe choices; sometimes even a bit frowned upon. We aren’t here to tell you what to do or to follow the trend. We just geek on people and how unique everyone is. Self-expression, quirk, boldness, irreverence: we celebrate it all as long as it comes from a place of love and empathy. So we just do us, even if it’s not in line with what other brands do. That’s what makes us feel proud and happy.


We are an epicurean brand at heart. Colors, shapes, light, textures, we believe Design is first and foremost pleasure of the senses. Design should not be cold or pedantic. Feel good vibes, excitement, curiosity, exhilaration. That’s what we feel when we see a gorgeous piece of design. A rush of Dopamine in your body carries you through the day. That’s what we want our designs to create in people.


We do not profess to be perfect or to know best but we will never stop trying to do better, for the planet and for the people on it. We focus on creating as clean as possible supply chain: sourcing best and low-impact materials complying with local regulations. We also try every day to think sustainably: design size, packaging, product lifespan, versatility... We're asking ourselves questions, always trying to push the boundaries for a cleaner and kinder Design industry in this world.


For us, creativity is about sharing, learning, and meeting new ways of thinking/feeling/ imagining. That’s why a big part of our brand is dedicated to partnerships with known and less known Artists, Brands, Influencers, Interior Designers, Stylists, etc. In our eyes, Art is for everyone, meaning it reaches everyone and anyone can establish a human connection through it. That’s why we go for talent not status, sensibility not clout.

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