5 Reasons we Added Wallpaper to our Product List

5 Reasons we Added Wallpaper to our Product List

Apr 13, 2022 Read More

Here at Yellowpop, you know we love any and all creativity that helps you bring joy to your space. While you may know our brand as the place to get creative inspiration and handcrafted LED neon signs, this month we’re shaking it up and adding wallpaper to our product list.

Designing, creating, and launching our wallpaper product line has been a huge labor of love, and we can’t wait to share it with you. In an effort to help you understand why we’re expanding our products, we hope to answer any and all your questions below with the five reasons we picked wallpaper as our newest product!


1. Wallpaper compliments your neon sign of course!

You know we’re all about big, eye-catching pieces that make you feel good, but good design utilizes more than just one piece. With wallpaper, you have access to an accessory that can be used throughout your space and make your favorite big-statement pieces really pop. Our mission is to make your whole space really feel like you, but finding a multitude of textures, designs, and light sources that you love, you can really create a space with the atmosphere you’re looking for. And who doesn’t want their space to feel like home? So let your neon shine, and find a wallpaper that makes your personality and your neon pop to create a space that feels and bright as you are. 


2. Highlight those forgotten corners of your home

You know what I’m talking about here. In every home, there’s a cute hallway, cozy reading nook, or otherwise sweet little tucked away corner that gets… overlooked. Maybe you’ve tried to make it a little nicer with a comfy chair or a nice throw, but sometimes our favorite spaces don’t pop like the rest of our home. When a space gets forgotten, it often goes unused. Using bright wallpaper is a great way to bring attention to these little secret spaces, and encourage people to find comfort and creativity in those spaces. By making it bright and bold, you’re giving those corners of your house new life and a new flair without the time of hassle of dramatically changing your space. Who doesn’t love that?


3. A more sustainable, PVC-Free, changeable decor item

Let’s talk frankly about the environmental impact design and decor can have on our planet for a quick second. As you well know, mass produced items and big box-brand stores make tens of thousands of products that are never sold and end up in landfills, polluting the plant. Here at Yellowpop, every product we sell is made to order, and we do our best to choose options that make design fun, accessible, and good for the world. By choosing wallpaper over other decor items, you’re picking a product that has a high number of recyclable elements, lasts as long as you want it to, and doesn’t have the impact other trinkets or unused products carry with them. Design that makes you and the planet happy!


4. No Damage to Your Walls – Perfect for Renters!

When we design products here at Yellowpop, we do our best to keep a variety of spaces in mind. We want to create the perfect products for small spaces, big spaces, shared space, spaces that need to reflect one person’s inner-self – and everything in between. It was important when designing our wallpaper that it worked for renters, or anyone who didn’t want to damage their walls. We’re proud to say our wallpaper will last as long as you want it to – whether you want to change it up frequently or leave it for years to come, there will be no damage to your walls of any kind!


5. Lets you think (and design) creatively…

Who says our wallpaper is just for walls? Our wallpaper works on just about any smooth surface. Inside cabinets, covering dressers, on ceilings – our wallpaper can go anywhere you want it to go. We hope our wallpaper line encourages you to think outside our walls, and find surfaces and spaces that can benefit from a little pop of color.