Introducing The Gallery!

Introducing The Gallery!

May 8, 2020 Read More

Becoming one of the biggest neon brand in the world and launching the first ever collection of neon art in less than 2 years: the yellowpop story


We've been working on an exciting new launch for the past few months and today we're finally able to reveal it! We couldn't be more proud, all of us here at yellowpop have been working really hard to make this happen and we hope you'll love the idea as much as we do.

The Gallery

We're happy to finally introduce The Gallery, an exclusive collection of limited edition neon art pieces created in collaboration with artists from all around the world. We've spent months searching for the most innovative, cutting-edge artists of the moment and asked them to design exclusive neon signs, blending their distinctive aesthetics with our high quality LED neons. The idea is to bring art into your living rooms, to take neon signs to the next level and allow you to shop unique pieces created especially for you by your favorite artists. 

Transform your own home into an art gallery and express your personality and vision directly on your walls with these unique creations. We made sure to work with a wide variety of artists from diverse backgrounds, so you'll most likely find something you like among these new signs! 

Prices range from $290 to $1990 and all pieces are extremely limited editions, with only 20 of each sign being handcrafted. If you see something you like, get it now before it's too late! 

Check out amazing introducing video made in partnership with Ju Schnee  who talks about her universe and where her inspiration is coming from.

The yellowpop story

Launched less than two years ago, yellowpop is now one of  the biggest LED neon brand in the world – something we're super proud of! 

Yellowpop stemmed from our fear of empty walls (#FOEW) and the lack of options to personalize your interior with cool LED neon signs. We decided to make neon accessible by helping people create the neon signs of their dreams easily with the help of our custom builder. Working both on the B2C and B2B markets, over the past two years we've created custom neons for thousands of happy customers as well as some of the world's most amazing brands, including LVMH, Beats by Dr Dre, WeWork, Smile Direct, Facebook and Snape to name a few. Next to that, we've also developed a core collection of unique designs – with bestsellers ranging from a romantic "La Vie en Rose" to our very popular "Eye" .  

Fast forward to today; after months of hard work we are finally able to launch The Gallery and we hope you'll be as excited about this new venture as you have been about everything we've shared throughout the past two years. 


Participating artists and link to their collections

Ju Schnee, visual Artist from Berlin

Caren Kreger, Illustrator from California

Atelier des mots, Poet from Perth 

Clara Bergel, painter from Grenoble

David Elia, Designer from London

Emily Eldridge, Graphic Designer from Hong Kong

Girl Knew York, Tattoo artist from New York 

Kelly Dabbah, Painter from New York

LIL KOOL, Graffiti artist from Brooklyn

Steffi Lynn, Graphic designer from Austin

Stephane Lopes, Lettering Artist from Paris

The Boys Club Berlin, Graphic Designers from Berlin