How to decorate a living room wall?

How to decorate a living room wall?

In this article, we'll give you a few tips on the best way how to make your living room perfect for your own taste

May 19, 2020 Read More

The living room is a shared space to relax, unwind, and to rest and recover from the pressures of life with a little TV, gaming, or chatting to loved ones.  

One way to make a living room personal is to express your own personality and that of your family or the people you live with via colors, accessories, textures, ideas, and furnishings.

In this article, we'll give you a few tips on the best way how to make your living room perfect for your own taste and we will also look at the way you can really personalise it with a custom neon LED sign that can feature one of your favorite quotes, song lyrics, or icons.


Simple living room design

One of the main priorities for decorating a living room is to integrate a cosy and inviting space. A method to achieve this is to use a simple and cohesive design free of clutter.

Start by clearing out excess items and furniture, leave more floor space to give an open and welcoming feel. It is important to leave a few feet of space between large items of furniture like from the sofa to side tables, or coffee tables. This will allow light to flow through the room.

Taking this approach will make sure that you only keep the furniture that you really need in your front room. For most people, this is a couple of sofas or chairs, coffee tables, side tables, floor lamps, and an entertainment unit.

Accessories should be used to add your personal style, therefore carefully choose what items you display in the living room and only choose a few pieces of artwork or photos to go on the wall.

One great option is to have a neon sign that displays an inspiring quote and projects out a warm inviting pop of color, coziness, and comfort in the living room.


Living room wall decorations

Alongside features such as a photo wall, a feature wall with textured wallpaper, or statement pieces of artwork you could add a number of high-quality LED neon signs from our collection, or even design your own neon light.

We would suggest a relevant slogan in neon lighting that is not too overbearing but still very stylish and eye-catching. Here are a few of our favourite neon lights to decorate a living room wall:

Empty walls are a sign of an incomplete room so decorating the walls with art is important, and with yellowpop you can design your own personal neon light with your own favourite slogan or image.

To add to your wall decorations and add accents and texture to your living room furniture you can outfit your room with luxurious throws and accent cushions.


Choose subtle living room appropriate colours

While bold primary colours are suitable for busy active rooms such as the kitchen or home gym, a living room is all about relaxing so choose more subtle and soothing shades of colour. You can find many gentle and soothing shades, and some of the most popular colours used in living rooms include neutral shades but also include lavender, gentle shades of blue and green that are calm and serene. You may also want to include a bold feature wall to add some contrast and interest to the room.

Other shades that are suitable to include elicit feelings of cosiness and comfort. Think about shades of brown and mauve.

On top of these shades, you can add a statement piece of art work, or a statement neon living room sign. You can check out some living room wall decor inspiration here in our neon sign collection.


Living room lighting options

Living rooms are used for multiple purposes including settling down to watch a movie or even a box set marathon, bringing together friends and family for a takeaway, reading the newspapers or a book, relaxing and listening to music or even sitting around chatting.

For all these different uses, separate kinds of lighting might be preferable, for example, while eating you may want to brighter lighting to see what you're doing while watching a movie you may want the dim lights down a low level. Spotlighting can be great for reading and setting a mood as can candles that will give us a soft elimination and wash the walls. Of course, a neon light will also give a soft glow and can be seen even in daylight, with other lights on, or in a dark room that will really stand out as a design feature.

One thing to think about is layering lights around the room and placing them at different heights for instance with overhead chandeliers, spotlights recessed lighting, and table and floor lamps.


Rugs and carpets

Rugs can be matched to your feature wall or even match your feature artwork such as the colours used in your statement artwork or colorful neon light used in your living room.

Rugs are useful to help divide areas of space, add warmth and join up the look and feel of the room to one cohesive theme. The important thing is that you get the right size rug. If it is too small or too large it can make the room look disjointed.


Add a Private Nook

If possible include a small private nook in the living room that can be slightly separate from the main space and a cosy area for looking out of the window or reading a book. This not only adds a functional space but gives some real personality to the room.

If you would like some help in designing the best LED neon light for your needs, get in touch with us today!