Lea Augereau - Meet the Parisian-based artist

Lea Augereau - Meet the Parisian-based artist

We talk to Paris-based artist and design Lea Augereau about her work, interior style and her exclusive LED neon design.

Hi Lea, please tell us a bit about yourself

 My name is Léa Augereau, I live in Paris and I am a painter 

Where are we today?

In my artist studio in Paris

How would you describe the style of your space?

I like vintage pieces, I particularly like designs from the ‘70s, and I don't like the space to be too crowded. 

What 3 words would you use to describe your design aesthetic?

 Cosy, soft and colorful 



How do you want people to feel when they visit your studio?

 I want them to feel at ease and protected like in a cocoon  

 You are having people over for drinks, what music is playing?

Rnb from the 2000's, Wizkid's Joro but it depends on the mood 

Tell us about your LED neon

I chose to do a portrait and to use different colours to stay in the style of my paintings. 


Was it a challenge to design in neon?

No, not at all! I created one of my signature pieces, I'm usually working with oil painting, that's what seemed best for a neon, however I was very curious to see the final result. 

Check out the full tour of Lea’s studio here, and you can even own your own Lea Augereau neon here

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