Movie Magic: Channel your favorite neon lit flicks at home

Movie Magic: Channel your favorite neon lit flicks at home

Mar 4, 2021 Read More

Make movie night amazing with an LED neon sign inspired by your favorite film.

To say we’ve watched a lot of movies this year is a bit of an understatement. Hey, we’ve also binged plenty of new shows. After spending so much time in our living rooms, we’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade. Enter, a cool movie themed neon sign. From fun inside jokes, to our favorite lines immortalized in a glowing cursive font, the options are endless. With so many neon signs in movies, we’re not sure whether this is art imitating life or life imitating art.

A Space Odyssey: Cosmic LED neon signs

For the sci-fi fan in your household, nothing beats the otherworldly glow of LED. It’s the material of the future, after all. Whether you’re talking Tron, Blade Runner, or Star Wars, these spaced out cinema masterpieces wouldn’t be the same without that signature colored glow. Why not turn the TV room into an cinema inspired oasis where you can escape reality? Hang a space themed LED sign, grab your lightsaber, don your spacesuit, and rocket off to another dimension.

Tainted Love: Neon in bars and burlesque clubs

Pull up a chair and dial up the drama. Some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies have taken a spin under the light of an LED backdrop. In Hustlers, a 50 year old (and still smoking hot) JLo proves that age is nothing but a number. Throwing it back to 2004, Natalie Portman’s pink wig mirrored the neon lit club in Closer. And back in the 90s, Showgirls saw the sultry side of our fave Saved By the Bell babe. We’re not saying you need to pick up a new side gig, but a sexy neon sign for your bedroom is always a win.

Retro Revival: Rockabilly themed home decor

Whether you were a kid in the golden age of music and movies, or you’re part of the movement to keep it alive, a retro neon sign is the perfect addition to your home decor. So many great movie scenes have taken place in diners, bowling alleys, and drive-ins. The light of a jukebox, marquee, or motel sign is pure nostalgia for us. Grab one of our food themed neon signs or customize one with a quote from your favorite classic film. Checkered tiles and red leather booths are a plus, but not required.

Cartoon Classics: Family friendly neon signs

Who could forget their favorite cartoons? With a family friendly LED neon sign, we never will. Create a sign with a movie quote that means something to your family. Or if you’re a big kid on the inside, customize one with personal meaning to you. We’re fans of song titles and lyrics and line drawings of characters. If you’re looking to get super creative, try subtle things like a rose for a Beauty and the Beast obsessed household, or a wave for the Moana crowd.