Sink The Pink: London’s Safe Space for Expression

Sink The Pink: London’s Safe Space for Expression

Jun 16, 2021 Read More

Gear up for the summer of love with this LGBTQ nightlife pioneer.

For co-founder of Sink The Pink and Mighty Hoopla Glyn Fussell, the end of lockdown couldn’t come soon enough. His vibrant, colorful night out began as a search for the perfect party. One where he and his crew of “misfits” could dance with abandon and be themselves.

Mighty Hoopla, a music festival returning this year, captures much of that same joy. It’s slated for September, and has already sold out. The Brockwell Park concert brings back R&B faves En Vogue and Eve and alongside a glamtastic lineup of drag performers like United Kingdolls and Séa Yoncé.  

We caught up with Glyn to chat about his post-pandemic plans and the return of the London nightlife scene.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Glyn. How are you doing? Tell us something that excites you about life right now.

The prospect of the world opening...

Let’s talk Sink The Pink. How did the group come about? What’s your mission?

It started with myself and my best friend Amy. We felt really disillusioned with London and couldn't find a safe space to be ourselves. We started by literally writing a list of all the things in life we loved - so they were things like house parties, festivals, and dressing up. We wanted to create a utopia for people to exist without labels. It turned out to be something that really resonated with people, and before we knew it, we were a 50 strong crew of misfits. We stand for joy - pure, unfiltered, zero fucks given joy! We are a place for everyone to just be FREE.

What’s the nightlife scene in London post-lockdown? Do you have big plans now that things are starting to open up?

Well I think it will be madness, like a summer of love. I think clubbing will return, but amped up a thousand percent! We have a huge tour in November that kicks off at Printworks. It sold out in 30 minutes, so people are hungry for it.

We’re excited about Mighty Hoopla and looking forward to more festivals to come. What can people expect this year?

LOVE and community! That is what everyone has been missing. We are also making sure that we think of EVERYTHING so it will be creative, colourful, camp, and beautiful for everyone that was lucky enough to get a ticket.

Tell us about the light you designed with Yellowpop. What was the inspiration behind it?

The dancefloor is where we as queer people have always come together, it's a place where we can forget the hardship of the outside world and just dance. We wanted a neon that said that. Yellowpop has created something amazing for us!

What’s next for you? Do you have any fun projects on the horizon that you’d like to share?

We have a big year coming up next year with both Sink The Pink and Mighty Hoopla going way bigger. If I told you anymore than that I would have to kill you.

Are there any LGBTQ+ groups doing creative or charitable work that you’d like to shout out?

YES. Not a Phase is an IMPORTANT charity run by the wonderful Dani St James. They do great work.