Studio Vibes: Neon signs for your creative space

Studio Vibes: Neon signs for your creative space

Jun 2, 2021 Read More

Personalize your space with LED neon that’s perfect for work and play

Your story. Your space. Customize your spot with a personalized LED neon from yellowpop.

This week, we sat down with creatives who love their signs to chat about the inspiration behind their creations and what neon means in their universe. From gaming lairs to video editing bays, these customers are using neon to share their stories with the world.

“That electric glow gives me energy to work,” says Phillip "Zain" Dias Jr. “It also sets a mood in my room overall. My room is usually dark, but having that logo glow compliments the darkness in my room,” he continues. “There is a sense of balance.”

Inspired by the Z from Zorro and the Chinese characters for Zain (which also means unity), Philip set out to bring his logo to life in neon. “I wanted something that would represent my brand in a mysterious way,” he says.

Similarly, podcast host and board game enthusiast John Kranz hoped to spotlight his publisher’s name and create a compelling backdrop for their studio. “Supporting a publisher, we wanted to find ways to build closer ties with our community that we serve,” he says. “I wanted to have an inviting studio setup that also reinforces the branding of our company. I started with the (on air) sign which is a great place to start, and complimented it with a custom sign displaying the publisher’s name.”

John hung the sign in a spot where it would get maximum exposure from two separate camera angles. “It's a nice added touch to add to the ambience of the modest studio set up I have,” he says. ”Previously I had a green screen, but I find using a true background more to my liking.”

Customize It: LED neon signs for your creative world

For Atlanta based creator and YouTuber @CreativeRyan, LED neon offered a fresh way to express himself and add a signature style to his videos. “I'm very attracted to cool lighting and glowing lights in the back or foreground of a photo or video,” he says. “It adds a very vibe element to the mood of visuals and overall when you're chilling in your space. It creates the mood!”

Ryan had always wanted a neon sign, and thanks to our quick customization process, we had him dialed in in no time. “I've always loved lighting and neon lights,” he says. “When I finally found yellowpop, the problem was solved - from convenience, price, and turnaround time.”

When it came time to find a creative gift for her boyfriend, student and brunch aficionado Kaci - aka @afriendwithbenedicts - tapped us to bring her vision to life. “The customization process was really easy, and I didn't need to request help from the team,” she says of our custom sign builder.

“I needed to find a Christmas gift for my boyfriend who loves tech and cyberpunk-themed things. He has an instagram dedicated to mechanical keyboards, and I thought getting his instagram handle (@henkeyless) in neon would be a super cool present!”

Another yellowpop customer, Tony Mancuso is all about chillin’ out with his neon sign. “I wanted to create a relaxing environment in my room for when I was editing, so I went with the word relax,” he says. “I wanted it to be the centerpiece of the room, so I hung it smack in the middle of my wood accent wall. It definitely helps me relax while editing or as I’m getting ready for bed. I love that I can adjust the brightness of it because it is very bright, which I love!”

Neon Connections: What friends and fans have to say

“Neon just sort of speaks to you,” says John. “The background lighting really works well together with neon, so it's really the combination of neon with lighting that brings it all together to create something special.”

He’s not the only one swooning over that iconic neon glow. “My roommates work in art departments on several TV shows and they were both very impressed,” notes Tony. “Sometimes they will just come to my room to look at it and not say anything. It’s kind of strange, but I don’t mind.”

After sharing her gift with her dude, @afriendwithbenedicts also saw a round of appreciation for her custom neon sign. “Everyone has thought it is super cool and his gaming friends want one for themselves!” she says. Ryan felt the same. “All my friends know about it,” he says. “I even made a YouTube video about it. They all said, “I need one ASAP.’”

“I hung my sign above my deskspace because it was a beacon of hope,” says Philip. “It's like I am called to action to create amazing work for myself and clients.” He also showed off his yellowpop sign to his friends and family. “They loved it,” he says. “It gave off the impression, ‘Oh it's official now.’"