The Bright Side: New Year’s resolutions for the rest of us

The Bright Side: New Year’s resolutions for the rest of us

Jan 6, 2021 Read More

Make the most of 2021 with resolutions you’ll *actually* keep and one of our latest LED neon signs.

Lose weight. Drink less. Learn French. Traditional New Year’s resolutions are so bossy. And honestly, unrealistic. Why build a pyramid of expectations that’s bound to crumble when you could set yourself for some well-deserved success? This year, we invite you to check out our resolutions, then come up with a few of your own that express the same spirit. We’re so sure we’ll stick with these commitments, we immortalized them in neon.

Resolution 1: Get out more

If the gods (and health officials allow), we’re getting out more this year. We love travel for the way it brings us together and challenges our point of view. Food, nature, art, culture - we can’t wait to say hello to the rest of the world. We’ve got a whole year of bucket list worthy adventures piling up over here. Even if we’re not able to take big trips in the near future, we’re definitely getting outside to enjoy nature more.

Resolution 2: Be open to possibilities

After the year of staying in, we vote for the year of opening up. We’re going to spend 2021 discovering new things and collaborating with new people. We’re going to create opportunities, stay open to possibilities, and soak in the magic of everyday life. There’s beauty in planning, but we’re also keeping ourselves open to amazing things that happen by chance.

Resolution 3: Say no to diets

Instead of jumping on the latest diet bandwagon, we’re jumping off for good. Food is a simple pleasure, and amazing food is sublime. We’ve committed to eating what we please in 2021. Because hey, we can. So bring on the street food, the beautiful pastries, the cheffy dinners, and photogenic desserts. This anti-restriction, anti-resolution is one even we can keep.

Resolution 4: Share the love

Whether it’s in person or from afar, we’re going to connect more frequently and more deeply with those we love. Simply checking in to say hi or going two hours deep on a Zoom call with an old friend - either way, we’re ready for more meaningful interactions. We’re going to be more generous with our time and more present when we connect. Spanning the distance might take a little work, but it’s easier than getting perfect abs.