Warm White Neon Signs

Warm White Neon Signs

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

Ahhh, the soft radiance of warm white light — there’s nothing quite like the quiet hum of a cozy room with the gentlest of electric glows. And though Yellowpop neon is known to have some of the brightest, boldest neon signs around, with everything from hot pink to purple to outrageous orange, don’t sleep — or do sleep! bathed in creamy white light — on seeing your new neon sign in tranquil, timeless warm white light, one of our many color options available across a wide range of shapes and styles. 



Where to go warm and white

Here’s the rub: Anywhere! There isn’t a single room in your house that won’t benefit from a white neon sign — anywhere a lamp could go, a white neon sign can follow. That’s the genius of our Yellowpop warm light — when in doubt, go warm, because it will work in every corner of your space.

That said, a white neon sign is most stupendous in the bedroom, that sanctuary of sleep that all of us hope is a relaxing respite from the topsy-turvies of a wild world. Warm white will allow you to have awesome Yellowpop neon in the calmest possible way, meaning you can keep your sign on well into the evening. Late night conversations with your boo? Warm white is right. An evening home with Netflix and a glass of red wine? Warm white will do the trick. Heck, why not even use Yellowpop warm white as your reading light? The possibilities are absolutely and unequivocally endless.

Anywhere you go to relax will work with a white neon sign. Imagine it as you take a peaceful bubble bath in the bathroom or cook a calming meal in the kitchen. In the living, a warm white Yellowpop neon sign can be the perfect lamp to throw on when you’re having a few (or a lot — house party!) guests over, too.



What looks wonderful in warm white

Pretty much every Yellowpop neon sign will look great in the softest shade, but there are so many LED neon signs that are tailor-made to be seen in warm white, particularly any that are meant to bring a little zen into your life, like “Serendipity,” “Sweet dreams,” “What goes around comes around,” “I love myself,” and of course, our precious little Cloud.

If you’re looking to go custom with LED neon sign, may we suggest warm white for any song lyrics or quotes that are meant to relax and revive? Try “Zen,” “Take a deep breath,” “Inhale exhale,” “Finding the calm in the chaos,” “Why so serious?,” “I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head,” “Chill out,” or whatever phrase it is that gets your heart rate going slower.

We love the idea of just one long yoga “ommmmmmmmmmmmm” in warm white, too — the possibilities are endless, and that’s the total joy of a color as versatile and lovable as warm white. 

How to mix and match

Just like cold white, there’s almost no color combination that won’t work with warm white thrown into the mix. In fact, we think of warm white as essentially a neutral, which means you can use it to balance a whole range of wacky colors. Hung on a green wall, it will give everything a natural, raw aura. Paired with blue, it’ll be like having the easy vibe of a spa day right there in your own home. Even orange will take on a creamsicle gleam when paired with warm white.

Ready to unwind and relax? Warm white will do the trick.