Yellow Gold Neon Signs

Yellow Gold Neon Signs

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

  ***Olympics theme plays triumphantly***

There is absolutely nothing on earth like going for the gold, the highest achievement all across the land.

And now, we’re here to say, that rings true in everything from fencing and figure skating all the way to Yellowpop neon.

Among the incredible colors available as neon signs at Yellowpop, there is nothing quite like a yellow neon sign. It gives every single sign an aura of luxury, accomplishment, success, and swag. A yellow neon sign is absolutely guaranteed to brighten up your interior design, and with an entire range of Yellowpop signs offered in glittering gold, the only question is what to get in gold and where in your house to place it. 



Going for the gold

A yellow neon sign has infinite places it will look good — after all, yellow and cream lights are the most popular tones in everyday lighting for a reason. So many of the bulbs already in your home have yellow hues, and that’s because yellow light brings warmth and richness to anything under its hazy glow. Yellow light smoothes out and softens everything from fabrics to wall art, prints to skin tones. Who could ever say no to all of that?

For extra spice, we say, try a yellow neon sign anywhere you do your at-home workouts. A buzzing gold sign might just give you that extra oomph you need to best your reps in kettlebell squats.



Golden ideas

There are so many LED neon signs that will look good in yellow gold, and some, like Twisted Man, part of our incredible collaboration with Keith Haring, were absolutely made with yellow gold in mind. Ditto to our incredible Golden Eye, which was made in conjunction with interiors maven Jonathan Adler, as well both the Life and Happy signs we’ve teamed up with visual artist Gregory Siff on. The Crown will also look baller AF in yellow gold — there’s just no denying that.

And, if you’re looking to create a custom LED neon sign, yellow gold will also glitz up so many ideas. We recommend it for any quotes, song lyrics, or ideas that revolve around winning. “Started from the bottom now we’re here,” “American dream,” “First place,” “Best to ever do it,” “Never settle for average,” “Don’t stop until you’re proud,” “Dreams don’t work unless you do,” and our personal favorite, “As good as gold” — all of these will benefit from a little metallic neon sheen.

Or, if you just can’t decide on anything, a yellow gold “$” in Yellowpop neon will look good almost anywhere.



How to mix and match

The good news about yellow gold is that yellow neon light is essentially tailormade to bring out the best qualities in any existing color palette you might have in your home, enhancing the richness of any blue, green, and pink tones in any room and adding a dash of sunny warmth to the entire environment. Think of our Yellowpop yellow as like adding a bit of candlelight glow to all of the surfaces in your space.

That’s why yellow gold will always have a top tier place in our hearts — and hopefully, in your homes.