Your (and Your Child’s) New Best Friend

Your (and Your Child’s) New Best Friend

Sep 6, 2022 Read More

An LED neon sign is a lively, and unique, decorative element for your child’s bedroom. However, it can be used for more than just creating a stunning space for your child to play in. Not only can they function as a nightlight, but they can have a tangible effect on your child’s mood and behavior. Read on to explore all the ways our YP kids neon can elevate your child’s bedroom from basic to brilliant! 


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Heart of Play 

The design of your child’s bedroom should center around play; your child’s favorite activity! There are few things as good at creating a playful space than a LED neon sign. Bright, neon colors immediately suggest playfulness, creativity, and joy, perfect for encouraging your child to set their cheerful spirit free! 

Bright colors have a practical benefit, too. It has been shown that children feel significantly more comfortable in spaces with bright colors. 



Colors have an effect on all of us, but children are especially susceptible to their influence. There is a biological reason for this. Children develop the ability to perceive color at 5 months and this becomes their primary mode of learning about and navigating the world. Since they’re drawn to bright colors more than muted or pastel ones, a neon sign is the perfect addition to their room. 

The color you choose depends on what you’re looking to encourage. Red has been shown to increase appetite and alertness while cooler tones—such as blue or teal—have a calming effect on children. These cooler shades are ideal for children who have a difficult time falling asleep. 

You can utilize your neon sign as a comforting nightlight, dispelling fears of monsters under the bed while lulling your child to sleep with light, soothing color. Since our LED neons require such a low voltage, it’s perfectly safe to leave them on throughout the night. 


Growing Styles 

They grow up fast, don’t they? We’ve anticipated your child’s inevitable change of interest and style with custom neon signs that can be specially designed with changeable colors. This way, should your child decide their favorite color is no longer red but is now green, you can alter your sign with the flick of a switch!

Adjustable brightness also allows you to change the mood in their room depending on the time of day or their needs. When pesky headaches or seasonal colds visit, the sign’s brightness can be lowered to provide a soft, soothing glow. 

Adaptability is one of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your child’s room and one of the key benefits of our custom neon signs. 

While posters are fun and landscape rugs can augment playtime, there is little that can compete with an LED neon sign in terms of bringing a room to life. Neon light is almost a shorthand for fun and excitement, perfect for matching your little one’s boundless energy. Our YP Kids neon collection features two sub-collections that can be used to create especially adventurous spaces! 


Underwater Wonderland! 

The ocean is a wonderland of mysteries that pull at the imaginations of children and adults alike. You can bring this enticing landscape to life with our collection of neon fish, available in a variety of lively colors. 

Keep to a single color scheme for playful uniformity or mix and match to create an exotic school of fish, swimming up and down your little one’s walls. We’ve also added a whale and a shark, rendered in vivid neon line art. Incorporate these BIG fish to devise a lively ecosystem. At night, in the dim light of these neon animals, your child’s mind will be free to roam to the depths of the deepest sea and back again! 


Space Explorer! 

Send your child to the final frontier with our solar system collection. All eight planets (and Pluto, poor Pluto) are brought to life with vivid neon, as enchanting as the light from the furthest stars. Each features unique color combinations inspired by images of the planets themselves, so your child can learn what makes each planet distinct while they dream of spacefaring safaris. Add a little neon spaceman to give your little one a fellow adventure buddy! 

While great for bedroom wall decor, these LED neon signs are also ideal for encouraging your child’s curiosity about outer space and the world around them. 


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Our YP Kids neon are designed with a child’s creativity, playful spirit, and emotional security in mind. Utilize them to inspire your child during playtime or as a method for relaxing them in the evening, or do both with adjustable brightness. On an artistic and practical level, an LED neon sign is the go-to decor piece for your little one’s bedroom.

Looking to add a little more pop to their space? Explore our YP Kids peel-and-stick wallpaper. They feature a variety of stimulating patterns that will take your child’s space from basic to brilliant!