Adhesive Abstract Wallpapers by Yellowpop

Introducing Yellowpop’s abstract adhesive and removable wallpaper. If you want to be surrounded by unique patterns to create funky decors, look no further. You can surround yourself with wiggly or distorted lines, tags, paint strokes, funky drawings, and many more! You can create any type of mood in the blink of an eye.  


This adhesive peel and stick wallpaper is unique and easy to use. You can have funky drawings or some street art on your walls to create the best abstract themes and backgrounds!  


Discover our abstract wallpaper designs 

There is the Distortion wallpaper. Let your creative spirit blossom with the vibrant colors and expressive lines of this mural! You can create the perfect accent wall or video backdrop with this playful and colorful wallpaper. You can choose from 6 different color combinations according to your mood. 


OK, we’ll say it: straight lines are a snooze. Squiggles, wiggles, curlicues, twists, and turns are the way to go. And now, you can easily add a little wriggling and writhing right to your walls with the Wiggly Walls and Outta Line wallpapers that come in 3 and 2 different colors. 


Big disco energy is back in style, and while we wouldn’t be too surprised if you decide to leave polyester bell bottoms in the 1970s, you should definitely groove your world with the Wavy baby wallpaper that comes in 5 colors and will throw your place all the way back to the ’70s. 


There is the Tag! wallpaper so you can relive the golden days of street art. This graffiti-inspired wallpaper’s bold waves and gestural lines make for a minimalist’s dream. It comes in 3 different colors you can choose from. 


Then, there are the Stroke Of Luck and Shape Up wallpapers that are true modern art masterclasses. They are funky and free of shape so you can let your creativity go wild. They come in 3 and 7 colors! 


Create amazing backgrounds with Yellowpop’s abstract peel and stick wallpaper 

Do you want to create unique and outstanding walls? Perfect for your living room or more intimate space, you can go wild with our wide range of abstract murals.  


Shop Yellowpop abstract wallpapers now. Great prices, easy to use, peel and stick, and a variety of abstract designs and patterns.