Adhesive Animal themed Wallpapers by Yellowpop

Introducing Yellowpop’s animal-themed adhesive and removable wallpaper. If you want to be surrounded by unique patterns to create funky decors, look no further. You can surround yourself with wiggly or distorted lines, tags, paint strokes, funky drawings, and many more! You can create any type of mood in the blink of an eye.  


This adhesive peel and stick wallpaper is unique and easy to use. You can have funky drawings or some street art on your walls to create the best animal-themed themes and backgrounds!  


Discover our animal-themed wallpaper designs 

The animal wallpaper category includes 4 styles and 21 colors overall listed below. 


The Gone Fishin’ Wallpaper that displays very realistic koi fish is the best wallpaper for a stress-free space, where you can chill out and relieve all the tensions of a long and tiring day at work. Plus, it comes in 4 background colors according to create the perfect chill background. 


Celebrate your favorite crustacean with this wallpaper. The salty, all-over shrimp print will definitely make you smile. It comes in 4 different background colors to create the perfect funky and exotic mural. 


Giraffe print wallpaper? You’re welcome. If you love Africa and its animals, we have the perfect fit for you. You can choose to live on the wild side with this animal print wallpaper. Our Giraffic Park wallpaper comes in one simple color. 


A cow print wallpaper set for your cowboy-themed photoshoot? Check. Ride the range with this bold cow print wallpaper. Plus, Cowboy Blues comes in 3 colors. 


You’ll be hollering “yee-haw” when you hear that our new peel and stick wallpaper is covered top to bottom in cowboy hats. Giddy Up! Wallpaper comes in 3 different colors. 


A leopard can’t change its spots, but you can change the spots of your Electric Animal wallpaper. In fact, it comes in 3 bold and funky colors you can choose from. 

Create amazing backgrounds with Yellowpop’s animal-themed peel and stick wallpaper 

Do you want to create unique and outstanding walls? Perfect for your living room or more intimate space, you can go wild with our wide range of animal-themed murals.  


Shop Yellowpop animal-themed wallpapers now. Great prices, easy to use, peel and stick, and a variety of animal-themed designs and patterns.