Adhesive Floral Wallpapers by Yellowpop

Introducing Yellowpop floral adhesive and removable wallpaper. If you want to be surrounded by flowers and plants on a daily basis, look no further. You can surround yourself with popping poppies, lovely daisies, or Keith Haring’s very unique flower child murals! You can express your nature-lover side on your walls in the blink of an eye.  


This adhesive peel and stick wallpaper is funky and easy to use. You can have classic daisy or poppy drawings, or crazy figures with flowers on their heads on your walls to create the best floral themes!  

Discover our floral wallpaper designs 

The floral wallpaper category includes 3 styles and 14 colors overall listed below. 


There is the Flower Child wallpaper. Let your creative spirit blossom with the vibrant colors and expressive lines of this exclusive Yellowpop x Keith Haring mural! The graffiti-inspired figures are topped with flowers and nearly leap off the walls with energized flourishes. You can choose from three colors: Eightball Black, White Cloud, and Grass Green. These unique and funky flowers will really make your room POP!  


Good news! Pretty pop art isn’t only for museums any longer — you can have timelessly cool graphics right in your own home thanks to our Poppin’ Poppies wallpaper. Our new adhesive wallpaper is an ode to bountiful bright blossoms of flowers, done in the most sensational, eye-catching colors. Poppin’ Poppies comes in five different color combinations: Watermelon Pink, Orange Slice, Hyperlink Blue, Coconut Cream, and Orange Clay to brighten up your walls. 


Now, for classic flower lovers, there is our Whoops-a-daisy wallpaper. Any home on earth can benefit from the addition of fabulous flowers, and now you can put up a wall full of flowers. These cute daisies come in 6 different colors: Orange Slice, White Cloud, Coconut Cream, Watermelon Pink, Mellow Yellow, and Hyperlink blue, so you can choose the perfect color according to your interior. 


Put flowers up your wall with Yellowpop’s floral peel and stick wallpaper 

Do you want a bit more flowers on your walls? Perfect for your living room or more intimate space, you can go wild with our wide range of floral murals.  


Shop Yellowpop floral wallpapers now. Great prices, easy to use, peel and stick, and a variety of floral designs and patterns.