Gregory Siff neon signs

Take a peek inside the mind and studio of Gregory Siff with our new limited edition collab. Made up of icons and words, the collection is an extension of his dreamers story.
Siff is known for his visceral style that infuses active painting and gestural contours. In translating his art into neon, we knew it was crucial to stay true to that energy and the artist’s hand.

The Collection

For Gregory Siff, art is about telling stories and freezing time. Childhood memories. Conversations had. Conversations yet to come. His yellowpop collection is comprised of symbols, a hidden language waiting to be discovered, secrets ready to be revealed.

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Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1977, Gregory Siff lives and works in Los Angeles. Painting in a purposeful yet playful manner, Gregory Siff’s work exhibits meaning that is literal yet open for interpretation of nostalgia and childhood.

Capturing happy moments while also tackling more serious topics, Gregory Siff does not shy away from using his art to initiate a conversation. He creates his iconic “storyboards” with each image representing an emotional or creative state of mind the artist considers to be a meaningful fragment of life.

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a study of light and line

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"Neon is a party. Neon is a mood. It’s a way to exist in the room with someone when you are all alone. It's always a great feeling to see the paint come to life in new forms and especially larger and brighter!”

Gregory Siff