Text and Quote LED Neon Signs

Say it loud and say it proud with a text-based neon. Nothing is better to display on your wall than a song lyric, favorite quote, or personal mantra that speaks to you. What’s a better piece of room decor than a piece that talks back to you? Put your favorite quote in neon with a text-based neon, and tell the world about your love for your favorite quote in bright lights.

Pearly White LED Neon Lights

Text and quote neons are some of our all-time best sellers, and it’s not hard to see why! Words have weight, and making them beautiful art is an idea that’s as old as ancient times. Text-based signs also serve a dual (triple?) purpose – it’s not just art and not just a lighting source.

Setting the Mood with Neon Lights

Classic, white light is best used for emitting a neutral light into your space. While we offer a variety of neon colors, there’s something about simply white that everyone can love. Your neon quote artwork is a piece of wall decor that no one will forget, whether you pick pink, red, blue, green, or white signs, your LED neon is sure to bring light to your room and transform your space for years to come.

Think Custom Neon Art

Considering a custom option and dreaming of text-based neon? Lucky you, creating a text-based neon sign is easy – it’s actually our most popular option! We can easily select any size, shape, or color for your text, and we have a huge variety of fonts to pick from. Whatever you’re trying to say, we can create a sign that matches the vibe of what it’s saying. 

You can also submit a custom design that has never been easier with our new custom app. You can upload any art, or simply type out the text you’re looking for. Text-based quote neons make a huge impact in any room, and can easily create the vibe you’re looking for in any space ranging from your bedroom, to your living room, kitchen, or even your hallway! Shop custom, and you can create exactly the piece you’re looking for, our designers are wall decor experts and can help you choose the best design, backgrounds, and neon light colors for your custom neon!

Fast & Free Shipping

Of course – we also provide fast and free shipping, to ensure your text-based or quote neon LED sign (or signs!) gets to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Who wants to wait around for shipping when you could have an LED neon instead, am I right? Shop confidently, and order soon!