Dearly Belated: A wedding planner’s tips for celebrating in 2021

Dearly Belated: A wedding planner’s tips for celebrating in 2021

Aug 3, 2021 Read More

Light up your (better late than never) wedding with these tips from an industry pro.

Whether your summer of love got rescheduled, or you were planning for 2021 all along, it’s an awesome time to let love shine. We’re seeing all kinds of wedding decor trends and creative wedding ideas online. But, surprise! We’re pretty partial to neon signs for weddings of any size.   

Our customers have popped the question with neon, snuggled up under its cozy glow, and brought the party home with our signs. Now it’s time for you lovebirds to elope, throw a small wedding, have a massive blowout, or celebrate however suits your personal style.  

For a little advice on how to do it right, we asked Novelty Events CEO Melissa Boyd to share her tips for pulling off a wedding in 2021. From how to make a smaller wedding super special, to where to hang your neon in the venue, this “coffee-obsessed” LA wedding planner offers up her top tips (on the house).  

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Can you tell our readers a bit about your role as a wedding planner and what led you to this career path?

I kinda just fell into it. I started working for a government office and they needed someone to plan their community events. At first, I was not convinced that I could do it - never mind the fact that I wasn’t even sure I wanted that responsibility - but I found that I was good at it. My natural, detail-oriented Type A personality fit very well, and I discovered that I really loved it.  

Friends and family began asking me to plan their events, and eventually, weddings. I found it so fulfilling to see the couple happy and really enjoying their night without a care in the world. Plus, I’ve always been about the details. My parents used to say, “Why is everything a production with you!”


It’s been a crazy time for weddings and events in general. How have you seen couples (and their wedding planners) recalibrate to fit the new normal? 

I have definitely been seeing smaller weddings. I think that a lot of couples are seeing the value in a smaller guest list. You can do so much more with fewer guests. You can have some amazing cuisine or have the dreamiest florals if you don’t have a huge guest list. Every guest that you include adds upwards of $150 per seat. So I think many couples are seeing the value in it. 


As some couples opt for elopements and intimate gatherings, they still want to share their experience with loved ones digitally. Do you think having a neon-lit backdrop for photo ops makes the event more shareable? 

Everyone loves a beautiful neon sign! And it’s great when you can customize it to your specific hashtag, phrase, or your names. It does make for amazing photos on social media too. It makes you look like movie stars straight out of some romantic 80s or 90s movie! 


Tell us about your experience working with yellowpop. Did you pick a ready-made design or create something custom? 

Most of my couples are looking for something custom. When we are pulling their design elements together, we try to customize it to them so it is truly one of a kind. And yellowpop does a great job making it fit their needs. Whether we are hanging it on a wall for a photobooth or decorating their sweetheart table, yellowpop is great at helping us pick the right design for its functionality and versatility so they can use it later in their home.


How did your clients react when they first saw the neon all lit up? 

I love to first send them a sneak peek on Instagram so it really builds the excitement. Then, when they see it with the florals and the lights dimmed in their reception hall, it just builds that excitement for the evening. They love them!

As a wedding planner, do you keep the decor as part of your inventory? If you were to add a couple of neon signs to your permanent offering (or already do), what would they say? 

I have a few things that I rent out. Most of the things are items that the couple forgets ‘till the last minute. Like a card box, background walls, and table number holders. Neon signs would be a great addition! 

Some of the more popular phrases are, All you need is love, You’re my lobster, Love is sweet, It’s always been you, and You had me at hello. One for my own company would be a great addition.


How do you style neon signs for wedding venues? Do you have any pro tips for someone planning their own wedding and looking to add neon?

Make sure you think of the logistics. How are you going to display it? Do you want to use it on your sweetheart table? Maybe part of your photo booth backdrop? Or add it to your dessert display? Will it hang on a wall or will it be displayed on a table?  If you are hanging it on a wall or backdrop or displaying it on a table, make sure it is functional and reusable. Yellowpop has great options that are removable. 


Weddings are beautiful, but sometimes stressful too. As a person who’s seen them all, what’s your number one tip for making it personal and memorable?


Think of the things you have a shared love for. Music. The beaches of California. A shared love for cheesecake. These small nods to the things that you share together make not only your story different from everyone else, but also your wedding, and can serve as the inspiration for beauty. 

And most of all, make sure your planner works in some downtime during the wedding day for you two to really soak it all in and realize YOU ARE MARRIED!!! Take that time to be in the moment and realize what an incredible gift you have in each other!

Interested in creating your own custom neon for your special day? Take a look at our custom app or contact us for something a little more unique.