Hot Pink Neon Signs

Hot Pink Neon Signs

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

You can’t spell hot pink without h-o-t, and that’s exactly what an LED neon sign in that shade brings to the table: heat, sultriness, sweetness, sassiness. Hot pink is late nights out in Miami. Hot pink is glammed up 1980s all-the-way. Hot pink is strawberry soft-serve on a balmy summer day. Pink is sunsets off the Pacific in Hawaii. Elsa Schiaparelli, the French 20th century designer who famously pioneered the use of what she called “shocking” pink in fashion, once said that hot pink was “life-giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world put together.”

Which is all to say: Hot pink is everythinngggggggg.

Hot pink, of course, is a natural choice for any LED neon sign — if it glows, it’ll probably look good in hot pink. But here, we’ll walk you through some of our recommendations on getting the absolute most out of hot pink as well as pink-ifying your place in total, tubular style.



A place for pink

There’s one place above all others where a pink neon sign is appropriate, and that’s in the bedroom. Not only is it the most flattering of colors, it’ll add a little spice and sugar to your most personal space.

But a pink neon sign is the perfect addition to any room. For one, a pink neon sign makes for the most perfect Instagram background, which means it’s ideal anywhere you and your friends gather to eat, drink, and be merry. A pink neon sign is the ultimate attention-getter, so think of it as wall art — something to show off for everybody to see.



Pink is the new neon

So what signs work best in hot pink? All of them, darling, but some are true showstoppers. Of course, nothing could ever beat the Big Big Heart in hot pink, a Yellowpop icon that will put a smile on anyone’s faces. Any hearts, in fact, will be ideal: the Geometric Heart, the Scribble Heart, the Angel & Devil (designed by Mathilde), and Radiant Love (a collaboration that’s part of our incredible Keith Haring collection) are just as thrilling as additions to your home.

Or, to just get straight to the point, Sexy, our collaboration with artist Gregory Siff, will certainly hit the spot. 

But if you want to go full on custom with your Yellowpop neon sign, hot pink is the absolute most perfect palette for a quote, song lyric, or any phrase that’s all about cheeky, sexy, winking fun. “It’s good to be bad,” “Come and get it,” “Breakup with your girlfriend (I’m bored),” “WAP,” “Nice and slow,” “This is how we do it,” “Ladies night,” “The Champagne Room,” “No shoes, no shirt, no service” — whatever it is that gives you a grin and gets you pulse racing, hot pink is the perfect color.  


How to mix and match

Nothing looks better than the romantic combo of hot pink and red together — it’s like having the best of Valentine’s Day come to roaring neon life all year round. Hot pink is also great with green for a summery watermelon-y feel. Even hot pink and orange can be a provocative and fun playroom palette. But we particularly love hot pink paired with neutrals. It both tones down hot pinks sharp edges but also amplifies just how bold and brilliant a color it is.

However you slice it, hot pink is the perfect Yellowpop neon sign — and we think you can’t, and won’t, go wrong with a little bit of hot pink in your life.