Green Neon Signs

Compliment your house plants and bring forest vibrations and a nature-inspired aesthetic to your space with green neon signs. There’s something really special about green neon signs, and we often see our favorite designs (ranging from plants to crocodiles, to business logos, to personal mantras) smartly designed in intricate green. While green lights may be a more unique choice, it’s sure to be a stunning eye-catching piece that demands cool confidence and sticks in people’s memory for a long, long time.

A Vision in Green Neon Sign

Green neon and green lighting have seen a huge boost in popularity in recent years–and we can see why. A number of award-winning films have used green lighting to create mysterious and often otherworldly effects and downright magical aesthetics. Green lights may be a bit more unique than more traditional colors such as white signs, blue signs, or pink signs, but they create a stunning centerpiece that will create a memorable focal point for any room. 

The Vibe Is Yours to Create

Be unique, magical, and mystical with mysterious green neon lights. Whether you’re looking to shop for your room or business space, green light brings a bright and otherworldly aesthetic to any room. Green introduces a calming vibe to any space that’s a little unusual and leaves room for the unexpected. Calling all gamers, green neon will highlight the action on your screen and help you slip a little further into fantasy land. 

Custom Neon Art

Considering a custom option and dreaming of a green neon for your wall? No problem. Creating your very own custom neon light has never been easier with our new custom app. You can upload any art, or simply type out the text you’re looking for. Make your wall decor feel like you, and pick the design that reflects who you are in your space. Wall art is the easiest way to change the vibe in any room, space, or business, and a custom sign will help you make the space feel like you! 

Shop custom, and you can create exactly the piece you’re looking for at a price that’s right. Our designers are wall decor experts and can help you choose the best design, backgrounds, and neon light colors for your custom neon–hassle-free!

Free Shipping

Lucky you –– we provide fast and free shipping, to ensure your green neon LED sign (or signs!) gets to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Who wants to wait around for shipping when you could be starting the party with your fancy new neon sign?