Light Blue Neon Signs

Light Blue Neon Signs

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

We’ve gone over how dark blue neon can fill a room with mercurial mystique and magic, and now we’re talking light blue, which can bring a similar sense of enchantment to a space, but buzzes on a wholly different vibration: it’s light, airy, and ethereal, making your home feel like a castle on top of a cloud on top of a rainbow up in the sky. Light blue is just the dreamiest, most unicorn-y color around, and a blue neon sign is the perfect way to lift the spirits of any space you hang it in.

Miles Davis and Joni Mitchell named albums for it, the ocean and sky both wrap themselves in its embrace, and now you — yes you — can use a blue neon sign to bathe your abode in the coolest blue around.



The blueprint

In contrast to brighter, more intense colors (like pink and red and yellow, all of which we adore for their own special reasons), instead of filling your space with electric energy, blue lighting lowers the vibrations down to make any atmosphere a more relaxed one. That means that blue light is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and, in fact, any room with a TV, computer, or any space where there may be a lot of other distracting light and movement. A blue neon sign is wall art, yea, but it’s also, funny enough, the ultimate night light — it will keep you from stubbing your toe in the dark but won’t make you hyper when you’re trying to be in snoozeville.



Blue for you

There are any number of LED neon signs that come correct in light blue — and will bring a touch of charm to your wall. Try, for starters, Magic, our collaboration with visual artist Gregory Siff, the minimalist Circle 02, made in conjunction with Crosby Studios, or the surreal Atlas Long, as part of our collection with interiors maven Jonathan Adler. Some of our readymades also would be perfect in light blue: “Don’t overthink,” “Fly me to the moon,” “Sweet dreams,” and our iconic Peace Hand — these are just a few of our signs that are right in light blue.

If you want to go full-on custom with your LED neon sign, we suggest picking a quote, song lyric, of famous phrase that you love and ordering it in light blue neon — something tells us it will make your whole soul soar. 

“Dream a little dream of me,” “Touch the sky,” “Thunder only happens when it’s raining,” “Cloud Nine,” “Follow the stars,” “Keep stillness inside of you,” “We are all made of stardust,” “Open your mind,” “Stars in your eyes,” “Sky above, earth below, peace within,” “Starlight starshine” — whatever quote it is that lifts your spirits immeasurably, imagine it glowing light neon blue hanging right there on your wall. 



How to mix and match

The good news about a blue neon sign is that there are very few colors it won’t pair with perfectly in your interiors — it tends to add an ethereal atmosphere to anything it complements, particularly green and purple. Add it to red and a little white and you’ve got a truly iconic combination. And paired with more vibrant colors, like orange, light blue emerges like a nice neutral, helping exuberant hues shine even brighter. For us, there’s nothing like light blue mixed up with white — it’s literally a dream come true.

But truly, a color as sweet and starry as light blue will work almost anywhere — rest assured, with light blue Yellowpop neon