Blue neon signs

Explore Yellowpop’s top blue LED neon lights. Cast mysterious night time vibes and enjoy the otherworldly feeling created by your blue neon sign and transform any space.


Once in a Blue Moon Indulge in Blue LED Neon Sign

With so many colors to choose from (white, green, purple… and so many more) picking the perfect neon lights for your room can feel a little overwhelming. Lighting is key to making any space feel like home, and neon light in particular is perfect at setting a vibe and serving as a work of art. Blue lighting in particular casts a unique vibe. Unlike the brighter and bolder colors (red, pink, or yellow for instance) blue lighting doesn’t inject electric energy into space but instead takes the whole vibe down a notch into a more relaxed atmosphere. This makes the blue light ideal for bedrooms, any living room or room with a TV, or any space where there may be a lot of other distracting light of movement–it’s the perfect night light. 

Custom Neon Art Signs

Considering a custom piece and dreaming of a blue neon LED sign on your wall? With our new custom app, creating a custom sign is worry-free! You can upload any art, or simply type out the text you’re looking for to create the custom neon LED that is just right for you. If you submit an image, our designers will work with you to make sure you get the best possible sign for the best price that matches your vision!

Make your wall decor really special and create an art piece that encapsulates your personality.  Wall art is the easiest way to change the vibe in any room, and a custom sign will transform your space into a place that feels like home. Shop custom, and you can create exactly the piece you’re looking for at the very best price. Our designers are wall decor experts and can help you choose the best design, backgrounds, and neon light colors for your custom neon!

Free Shipping

Of course – we also provide fast and free shipping, to ensure your blue neon LED sign (or signs!) decor gets to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. No one wants to wait around with boring walls when they could be enjoying neon decor, so we ensure our shipping is as fast as possible so you can banish those boring walls and indulge in your new neon light.