Lime Green Neon Signs

Lime Green Neon Signs

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

Lime is, quite simply, one of the most refreshing, revitalizing colors on the whole spectrum — the extra hint of citrus on your tortilla chip, the kicker squeezed into your pony neck light beer on the hottest day of July, and the freshest zing on the perfect ceviche. But food and drink aside, lit up lime also happens to make for killer green neon signs, a bright, bold slice of zest right there for your apartment walls, ready to be turned on anytime you need a good buzz. Nothing will give you that warm weather feeling better than green neon signs, the ultimate summer stunner.

That said, green neon signs can be a little intimidating when it comes to interior design — it’s an outlier in a world of more straightforward reds and blues and blacks and whites. But just like a frozen lime margarita, life is all about blending the best ingredients together, and we believe with our whole hearts that green neon signs could add so much to almost any space you put them in. Which is to say: when life gives you limes, turn them into an LED neon sign so cool that it’ll make you feel like you’re on permanent spring break right there in your own home.



Lime-friendly locations

We have yet to find a food that isn’t enhanced by a squeeze of lime — okay, maybe not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — and we can’t think of a kitchen that wouldn’t receive an extra hit of hotness with green neon signs. It’s an appetizing and invigorating color to have on when you’re cooking meals or blending up smoothies, juices, and cocktails. Green itself is said to be a soothing color, so if you treat your kitchen like your own little barefoot island getaway — an oasis after a hectic WFH day — lime will help you feel in the right type of relaxing mood when you’re prepping dinner.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere temperate enough to have an indoor-outdoor kind of home like, say, Miami or Los Angeles or Austin: first of all, we’re jealous, and second of all, lime green is the perfect LED neon sign to hang outdoors — imagine you and your friends sitting around a picnic table picking at guacamole at 9PM while neon lime green bathes you all in a cool kickass glow. 



Prime lime 

There’s one sign that’s bound to come into mind when you think of lime green, and that’s our cute-as-heck Crazy Avocado, a real crowd pleaser of a neon sign — after all, when is avocado ever  a bad idea? But so many of our readymade signs would like stellar in lime green, particularly the ones that are all about festivity and fun — ”Good Vibes” (or “Good Vibes Only”), “Bitch don’t kill my vibe,” “Hakuna matata,” Welcome to the jungle,” and “Stay wild,” to name a few, will all look great in lime green.

If you want to go the custom route, any quote, phrase, or song lyric that will bring the party will be ideal for lime green — “Put the lime in the coconut,” “Wasting away again in Margaritaville,” Life of the party,” “Social butterfly,” “Work hard. Party harder,” “The Great Gatsby,” “Hello summer,” “Marry the night,” “Chips and salsa,” “Life’s a beach,” “The cure for anything is salt water.”



How to mix and match

Once you’ve decided on lime green, the next step is deciding what colors in your house it will go perfectly with. We love lime green next to pops of bright color. On the color wheel, the diagram that maps the relationship between different shades, green sits next to both yellow and blue, and you’ll never go wrong putting any of them next to each other. According to color theorists, greens, purples, and blues will always please the eye because of their association with foliage, sky, and water. But we also think green with pink is a surefire summer dream, as invigorating as a massive slice of ripe watermelon.

Lime green is, to put it simply, versatile and exciting, the primo color for your new neon sign. Don’t be afraid of a little lime green — zhuzh things up with zest.