The Neon that’s Safe for Children

The Neon that’s Safe for Children

Sep 6, 2022 Read More

One of the biggest issues with traditional neon is safety, especially for children. With a fragile glass construction and high voltage electricity, neon signs can be a risky option for decorating your child’s room. However, there is a way to get that vivid neon look without any of the risks associated with it; it’s all about LED! 


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Traditional neon is crafted from heated glass. This method of crafting signs, while acceptable for businesses or homes occupied only by adults, isn’t practical for a child’s bedroom. All it takes is one wayward ball or a too-rough playtime for shattered glass to pepper your child’s floor. The risk this poses goes without saying. 

LED neon, however, is crafted from a flexible, impact-resistant tube. If the sign should fall or is struck by a flying toy, the durable LED tubing will survive with, at worst, a scratch or two. And even if it does happen to break, it won’t shatter like glass or result in dangerous, hard-to-see shards. Instead, the only thing that might get hurt is your feelings for your lovely sign; but with a year-long warranty, even those are protected! 


Electric Over Gas 

Traditional neon is lit using an inert gas, as opposed to LED neon which glows as a result of electricity, just like your basic lamp. This takes care of not one but two potential risks. 

Firstly, as time passes and the glass tubes wear down from use, the toxic gas inside begins to leak out. While LED tubing may wear down over (much longer) time, there will be no gas inside to leak out. This also removes the risk of a mass release of gas due to breakage of the glass neon tubes. 

While electric shocks aren’t anyone’s idea of fun, the usage of electricity over gas is significantly safer. And as you’ll see, even the risk of electric shock is reduced with our LED technology. 



While electricity is always going to pose a degree of risk in your home, this risk can be heavily reduced by your choice of product. It’s in this area that choosing an LED neon sign over a traditional one can make the biggest difference.

Traditional neon signs require around 15,000 volts to run. This is significantly beyond the safety threshold of 30 volts and poses an especially large risk to curious or accident-prone children. LED neon is below this safety threshold by more than half, requiring only 12 volts. It’s almost as safe as your child’s night light! 

This lower voltage solves another problem, too. Those 15,000 volts of electricity cause traditional neon to get really hot, putting your child at risk of burns as well as limiting the lifespan of your sign. LED neon won’t even get warm. This means your child can indulge in their curiosity and touch the sign to their heart’s content. It also means your neon artwork will survive the length of your little one’s childhood! 



Our signs have been designed to reduce injury risk even in smaller ways. A comprehensive installation kit is provided, including screws that will secure the sign to your wall, removing the risk of it falling and hurting your child. 

We’ve also reduced the risk of clutter and entanglement by limiting the design to a single cord that can be easily concealed


Your Child’s Future 

While LED neon protects your child from common injuries associated with the construction and power supply of traditional neon, it also contributes to your child’s safety in another way. Due to the longevity, construction practices, and low voltage of LED neon signs, damage to the environment is significantly lessened. 

You can help to cultivate a safe, healthy planet for your child to grow into by investing in neon artwork that doesn’t harm the environment. What more could you want for your child? 


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Simple choices can make a big difference. By purchasing an LED neon sign as opposed to traditional neon, you can protect your child from breakages, gas leaks, electric shocks, and burns, and even contribute to the health of the world they are eager to explore. 

From start to finish, conception to production, our LED neon signs are designed with your child’s safety in mind. You can have all of the benefits of traditional neon with none of the risks! And If you’re looking for ideas on how to use your sign to add a pop to your child’s space, check out this article HERE