Where-oh-Where to Hang Your Yellowpop Neon

Where-oh-Where to Hang Your Yellowpop Neon

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

It’s oh-so-important to know what you want your Yellowpop neon sign to be, but once you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and you’re ready to order an LED neon sign, an important question arises: where-oh-where do I put my new wall art? It’s one thing to know what LED neon sign works for you, it’s another to know where it works.

Don’t fret! There’s an art to LED neon sign placement and we’re here to help you figure out what works for you.

The most important thing to know? It’s often better to know where you’re going to place your LED neon sign before you even pick what that sign will be and whether you want it to be blue, pink, purple, or any other color in our rainbow — knowing the room, wall, and surroundings will help you make a decision that will blend seamlessly into your decor. That isn’t to say that once you have your sign, you won’t find a million different places around the house it will look good, but it’s always positive to start with an idea in mind.

Here’s two key things to think about to get your brain (and eye) working.



Pick a Size

Whether you’re making a custom sign or picking and choosing from our readymades, before you even push “order,” one substantial question you need to ask yourself is: how big do I want this to be?
With readymades, some are available in a variety of sizes, but some are so one-of-a-kind and special that they can only be ordered in one shape. With custom signs, in addition to color, font, tube type, and backing, you can actually tailor make the size for you. We offer three standards — small 38 x 5 in, medium 48 x 6 in, and large 77 x 9 in — but we can also custom make the size to your preference, with the possibility of going all the way up to supersized 118 x 14 in. 

The first question you might ask yourself: will this sign hang solo, or do I want it to be mixed in with other wall art to make a gallery wall? If solo, a bit bigger might be better — you want something substantial enough to hold the space. If you’re looking, for instance, for a real attention-getter, the Instagram backdrop to end all backdrops, Flower Power, our collaboration with Emily Eldridge, might be the sign for you. It’s a beautiful mashup of interlacing designs and clocks in at 59 x 39.37 inches, meaning it will be a true showstopper if you have the space.

 But if you want to mix it in with other works, smaller can sometimes make that easier. Take our little Crown — whether you have limited space (say, a small bathroom or kitchen wall) or whether you want it to be mixed in with paintings and framed photos, it’s the kind of sign that will fit almost anywhere.



Pick a Room

Here’s where the real fun comes in. You’ve got a house or apartment, you know it will become more brilliant with the perfect neon sign, and you get to pick where in the heck it’s going to go. 

We believe that different rooms inspire different neon. For instance, one tried and true favorite of our customers is a Playroom sign for the kids — it’s perfect for a fun sign that you can get a little devil-may-care with (a big Soft Serve Ice Cream, anyone?) your choice. Playrooms also provide an opportunity to be, well, playful — It’s been said that having vibrant colors like orange in your home inspires creativity, so this might be the perfect place to go a bit outrageous with hue. 

In fact, very often, certain colors work perfectly in certain spaces. Want a bedroom sign? Blue is known to relax. Looking for something in the kitchen? Red stimulates the appetite. Want a sign as a Zoom background in your WFH office? Cold white and warm white are professional and about their business. Think deeply about what atmosphere you want your sign to radiate — and what room you’ll be most likely to want a bright neon friend in.

Another thing to consider: Yellowpop neon signs are great things to show off. They conversation starters and party enhancers, so think of a room where you and your friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, collaborators gather — anytime they’re over, popping on the Yellowpop neon will instantly make for a festive atmosphere (and offer perfect selfie backdrops for Instagram).