Raider neon signs

The fantastic world of Raider

Discover our new collab with Raider in limited edition, made of 3 LED neons signs for a funnier world!

The artist invites us to join his fantastic world inspired by his sculptures: Scoop!

Dive with us into the world of Scoop and discover the Raider’s incredible designs revisited in colorful LED neon signs.

The Collection

Raider creates figurines from another planet, from space! To highlight his favorite character, the artist has created a collection of 3 neons signs featuring its silhouette - Scoop one.



Raider is a 19 years old artist living in Amsterdam.

Driven by the desire to create and develop creations by experimenting with different materials and techniques, he gave birth to Scoop - his first sculpture. Now he is about to conquer the world by adding a little more fun!

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The fantastic world of Raider

Raider is on a quest for a better world! And with Scoop, he wants to give everyone on planet Earth the opportunity to question their way of life. For this collab, he has designed the silhouette of his famous sculptures to create a sublime collection of LED neons signs.

Being curious

Raider has taken advantage of new technologies to create a character aligned with its values.

Letting go

The artist wants to add more fun to the daily life of the inhabitants of planet Earth! And with his characters in different colors and infinite shapes, he hopes to bring more craziness to our world made of black and white.

Challenging yourself

With his sculptures, Raider never stops questioning the impact of human beings on the planet, the environment and the animal welfare...

Accepting others

Today, there is a lot of discussion about the differences between men and women. Scoop does not belong to either of these two categories. It is important for the artist to show that a person is not determined solely by a gender.

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“There are a lot of similarities between the figure and the neon signs. Basically, this is an outline of a Scoop. It's something you haven't seen before. And that's what I wanted to bring into the neons signs. And I think that worked out pretty well!"

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