Yoni Alter neon signs

We made our last collab' with Yoni Alter. It’s composed of 5 ultra colorful LED neon lights in a limited edition!

The artist invites us to join his universe in which he never stops playing and having fun! For this collection of colorful LED neon lights, he represented his iconic designs - words... But not only!

Dive with us into Yoni's fun and colorful world and discover his incredible designs revisited in neon LEDs.

The Collection

In the expression of his art, Yoni Alter is guided by exploration and experimentation to create fun, colorful and playful works of art. When he creates, he combines many materials with a multitude of extremely vivid colors. Today, he has turned to neon, which corresponds perfectly to the type of art he practices. He made 5 designs: 2 words and 3 drawings important to him!



Yoni Alter is a multimedia artist exploring the threshold between art and design. His vibrantly coloured works segue between the figurative, the abstract, form, and space, always challenging viewers to look twice. Guided by experimentation and semiotics, Yoni passionately seeks new ways of creating visual representations, working across sculpture, painting, print, and digital media.



Yoni Alter wants to make as many people as possible smile by bringing good vibes into their daily lives. For this collaboration, he recreated his famous artworks: "YAY!", "LOVE", a race car, a skateboarder and a sneaker - all in LED neons signs!

Inspired by what surrounds him

Yoni Alter is constantly experimenting with new ideas, techniques and materials. It is through the use of various materials that he sees his artworks come to life. Each material creates a different magic.

Committed to his work

The artist is always thinking of new ideas. The more he practices art and design, the more creative he becomes!

Obsessed with colors

Colors have a particular importance in his work; it is thanks to the use of all these flashy shades that he manages to have an impact on the world!

Driven by the desire to bring joy and optimism to everyone

With his artworks, Yoni Alter wants to show that anything is possible! He wants colors and shapes to be a stimulating experience for everyone!

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“My work expresses joy and optimism. If I have to contribute something new to the world then better if it's something that people will enjoy and hopefully will make them smile. The world has enough drama. There's nothing more satisfying than making people laugh or smile!”

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