Choosing Your Perfect Neon Hue

Choosing Your Perfect Neon Hue

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

Some choices in life are painfully hard, some choices are ridiculously easy, and some choices are just fabulous fun — put picking the color for your custom neon sign into that last category. What could be more enjoyable than choosing a color for your LED neon sign from an entire range of cool shades? There’s no right answer, and yet there is an art to finding the one that works for you. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy little guide to helping you figure out your Yellowpop neon color i.d. We’ve gone in depth into what each particular shade can mean for your space and where they best belong, but here’s also a little rundown of our options more generally to get you thinking:



Moody colors: Blue green and dark blue 

These two bring a gentle atmospheric hum to any room they’re in — if you’re looking for something calming and cool with your custom neon sign, these are a safe bet.



Heavenly colors: Girl pink and light blue

For making any room for a little lighter, flufflier, and sweeter — girl pink and light blue done correctly will have you feeling like you live in a cloud.



Bold colors: Orange, red, and purple

These colors speak for themselves — they are solid, bold, and make a statement on any custom neon sign.



Neutral colors: Warm white and yellow gold

Quite possibly the easiest colors to fit into any space, you just cannot go wrong with neutral colors. They go with everything and they’re easy on the eyes no matter what. 



Fabulously cool colors:  Hot pink, lime green, and cold white

These are the colors you pick if you want to be cool as a cucumber. They’re the neon equivalent of wearing sunglasses at night — badass and bold as heck. Perfect for Instagram backgrounds.

Throughout the rest of our guide, we go into size, shape, font choice, just about everything you have to consider for your LED neon sign — but there’s nothing more important than choosing your color. But never forget: no matter what, it’s always a good idea to go with your gut when it comes to your custom neon sign, so when in doubt, throw caution to the wind and pick the color that makes you most happy.