Fonts, Fonts, Fonts For Everyone

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts For Everyone

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

In the day-to-day of the real world, most of us are stuck with standard fonts — Times New Roman, Arial, maybe Helvetica if you’re lucky — when we’re writing emails, texts, captions, whatever. But in Yellowpop-land, where creativity and neon are king, there are so many fun and fabulous fonts to choose from when you’re making your custom neon sign

At Yellowpop, there are 25 all-original varieties, in fact, ranging from straightforward, clear typewriter-y fonts like the Lana to scribbly cursives like the Quavo, whichmake everything feel handwritten and personal.

With this many options, though, how to choose? To make it a bit easier, we’ve split up our different fonts into categories — Fun, Classic, and Handwritten — to help you get a handle on which could be right for your custom neon sign.

But as always, when in doubt, just go with your gut! Yellowpop is all about personal expression, and if you like it, we love it. 




Future, Chance, Takeoff, Action, Jay, Kanye, Snoop, Miller, Offset, Drizzy

We thought we’d start with fun because there’s no one out there who doesn’t love a little extra fun in their lives. Whether your LED neon sign is green or pink, any of these fonts will be an absolute delight no matter the custom neon sign you choose — all you have to do is pick one and you’re sure to be pretty happy.

Looking for a retro futuristic Bladerunner-y vibe? The Future font has all the right angles to give you a subtle sci-fi feel.

Love a doodly, curlicue moment? The Chance and Takeoff fonts are super curvy and cool in all the right places. The Kanye and Snoop fonts are classy and elegant. 

And if you’re hoping for more of a little-kid playfulness, the Drizzy is a cool all-caps statement.

Indeed, when it comes to the wide variety of fonts we have, it’s definitely clear that there’s enough fun for everyone.




Cudi, Pop, Lana, Marilyn, Travis, Cardi 

Just because they’re classic doesn’t mean they’re boring: on the contrary, our classic fonts are super cool even while they bring a more mature atmosphere to the table.

Looking for a Zoom backdrop for your WFH vibes? The Cudi and Pop fonts are uber professional even while giving you an awesome 1990s word processor vibe.

Feeling poetic? Trying to convey something smart and serious? The Lana looks like it came from a 1950s typewriter, and any sign you choose in this font will look like something Allen Ginsberg wrote.

Or, if you’re feeling extra romantic and nostalgic, the Marilyn, delightfully dainty, will make your custom neon sign rosier and sweeter.




Britney, Knowles, Savage, Quavo, Juicy, Boss, Young, Soulja, Cole


There’s nothing more intimate than a piece of writing that feels handwritten, and these fonts will make any personalized neon sign feel, well, pleasantly personal. 

Personalized neon signs are really, really popular at weddings — many of our customers  purchase a personalized sign commemorating their marriage to display right there at the festivities, and any handwritten font, like Quavo, amongst others, will make your nuptial neon a little brighter and more one-of-a-kind. 

Handwritten fonts are great as gifts, too — if you’re purchasing your Yellowpop for a friend or family member, handwritten will make it feel a little more heartfelt. The Britney font, for instance, feels fabulously scribbled from your notebook.

Indeed, anything born from your own sense of creativity will benefit from a handwritten font. The Cole font will have people wondering whether you wrote and crafted the neon sign yourself! Which is to say: if the sign feels personal to you, handwritten might just be the way to go.