Light Therapy: The Mood-Boosting Power of LED Neon

Light Therapy: The Mood-Boosting Power of LED Neon

Jan 21, 2021 Read More

Fight the mid-winter blues with an LED neon sign that uplifts and inspires.

Short, gloomy days and long cold nights have you feeling the post-holiday blues? We feel you. Sure, we’ve still got a long way to go before those sun drenched summer days, but there’s always a silver lining. Longer nights mean there’s more time for your neon to shine. At yellowpop, we’re not just in the business of creating LED art, we’re in the business of spreading joy. Check out these mood boosting signs and find the color that suits your vibe.

Red Neon Signs: Passion and Desire

From cabarets and casinos to traffic signals and drive-thru signs, red light is an attention grabber. Synonymous with nightclubs and sexy vibes, this stimulating color represents love, passion, and desire. On the flip side, it can be used to communicate caution, urgency, power, and fire. It’s said that the color red can increase your appetite (maybe that’s why so many restaurants use it for their signs). In Chinese culture, this auspicious color makes appearances at weddings and Lunar New Year celebrations.

Bonjour (customisable word) LED neon sign - yellowpop x Jean André

Orange Neon Signs: Health and Enthusiasm

Peachy - LED neon sign.

Like its color wheel neighbor, red, orange is bold and eye catching. In its most practical form, orange is used in road signs, construction equipment, and things that make you take notice fast. When it comes to entertainment, orange is the embodiment of fun. It’s warm, exciting, and brimming with joy. Tied to health and motivation, the color orange is frequently used for sports teams and fitness clubs. An orange neon sign is for extroverts. It’s a social and inviting color full of youth and warmth.

Yellow Neon Signs: Optimism and Energy

You’ve probably guessed by now that we have a thing for yellow. In a neon sign, a juicy lemon, or a perfectly sunny day, yellow brings joy. It makes a space feel fresh, clean, and crisp. Having yellow artwork or paint in your home can be invigorating and stimulate mental clarity. It channels confidence and decision making. Sends a boost of energy and optimism to the brain on a cloudy day with a yellow neon sign.

Stay Wild LED neon sign.

Green Neon Signs: Growth and Good Luck

Nothing signifies hope and rebirth like the start of spring. And nothing says spring like the color green. Green is about growth and life. It’s about harmony with nature and innate beauty. Going green means taking care of your body and the planet. In many cultures, green represents luck and prosperity. Let’s just say, we’re keeping an eagle eye out for four-leaf clovers this year.

Blue Neon Signs: Tranquility and Trust

Like the sea and the sky, blue’s attitude can take a turn in an instant. It can be calm, cool, and tranquil. And at other times, strong, bold, and sturdy. Because it conveys stability, trust, and loyalty, many countries use blue in their national flags. Adding blue paint or decor to the home can instill a sense of peace and relaxation. For a double dose of chill, try a blue neon sign with a mellow mantra.

Breathe LED neon sign.

Purple Neon Signs: Magic and Mystery

Howdy LED neon sign - yellowpop x Steffi Lynn.

A purple neon sign is pure magic. It’s moody and mysterious with a side of quirkiness and fun. In antiquity, purple dyes were once very expensive and hard to produce. So, purple textiles were only worn by royalty. Lucky for you, the restrictions on purple ended long ago. At last, purple for all! Today, the color is tied to spiritual energy and intuition - a combo of red’s passion and blue’s peace.

Pink Neon Signs: Love and Personality

We’re not going to tell you that we believe in “girl colors” and “boy colors.” We think pink neon signs are perfect for any gender identity. Light pink can be tied to femininity, sweetness, love, and youth. But in its bolder hues, this electrifying color can channel boss energy, personal style, and party vibes. Our fans go nuts for pink neon signs (it’s our most popular color).

White Neon Signs: Purity and Modernism

If your aesthetic is a little more understated, a white LED neon sign is perfect for you. It’s subtle when it’s on, and even more discreet when unplugged. Traditionally, white light has been tied to innocence, purity, and the heavens. In home decor, white create a clean slate for modern lines and well thought out textural accents.
Go monochrome on a white wall and save the pops of color for your houseplants.