Heart Neon Signs

Looking to let your love shine bright with a heart-shaped neon sign? Lucky you, we have a number of heart neon signs in our collection that can fit your space and your style. Hang your favorite love icon proudly and tell the world all you need is love.


Heart Signs that Don’t Miss a Beat

Heart-shaped LED neon signs are one of our most popular options, and it’s not hard to see why. The simple shape is classic, universally recognized, and seamlessly integrates with any home decor. Heart neon signs complement any pictures of loved ones, brighten any mood, and create a background vibe that’s loving and accepting. We’ve created a number of heart neon signs as a part of our core collection that range drastically in style, so you can pick anything from a more classic heart to a more abstract piece. Most of our collection pieces also come in customizable colors, so you can pick a pink neon, red neon, blue neon, green neon, or just about any other color you can imagine!

Setting the Mood with Neon Lights

Heart-shaped signs are simple designs that have a classic appeal that lasts long past Valentine’s Day. Perfect for your bedroom or a more intimate space, love and heart neons create a cozy atmosphere where you can feel those sweet, sweet loving, and accepting emotions throughout your space. Hang your heart neon in your living room to set a loving vibe for your friends, or place it in your bedroom for a more intimate feeling, love, and heart neons will keep the good energy flowing.

Think Custom Neon Art

Considering a custom option to create your perfect heart neon? Submitting a custom design has never been easier with our new custom app. You can upload any art, or simply type out the text you’re looking for. Make your wall decor feel like you, and pick the design that reflects who you are in your space. Wall art is the easiest way to change the vibe in any room, and a custom sign will help you make the space feel like you! Shop custom, and you can create exactly the piece you’re looking for, our designers are wall decor experts and can help you choose the best design, backgrounds, and neon light colors for your custom neon!

Fast & Free Shipping

Of course – we also provide fast and free shipping, to ensure your heart LED neon sign (or signs!) gets to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Who wants to wait around for shipping when you could have an LED neon instead, am I right?