Adhesive Kids Wallpapers by Yellowpop

Introducing Yellowpop’s kids adhesive and removable wallpaper. If you want to create a nice room for your kids with funky decors, bright colors, and unique shapes, look no further. You can choose funky drawings and many more! You can create any type of mood in the blink of an eye. 


This adhesive peel and stick wallpaper are unique and easy to use. You can choose funky drawings or abstract art to create the best themes and backgrounds! 


Discover our kids' wallpaper designs

The kids' wallpaper category includes 11 styles and 45 colors overall listed below.


Three-Eyed Face and Flower Child wallpapers are exclusive Yellowpop X Keith Haring designs, and they both come in 3 different colors.


Wiggly Walls, Shape Up, and Outta Line wallpapers are cute abstract murals that come in 3, 7, and 2 color combinations you can choose from.


Temporary tattoos are always the best part of any 5-year-old’s birthday party, and now you can bring that joy right to your own abode. Plus, Very Merry Temporary comes in 5 color combinations.


Polish your pool cues and cash in your quarters because we’re about to throw down. You’ll never be behind the 8 ball with this wallpaper. Plus, Magic Eight comes in 4 background colors.


You can choose between animal-inspired murals with Giddy Up! that will make you yell “yee-haw” at the top of your lungs because it is covered up in cowboy hats, and natural wallpaper with Dreamland that will keep your kids’ heads in the clouds. They come in 6 and 3 colors.


All you really need is love, yes, but new tie-dye wallpaper never hurts. To Dye For is the perfect tie-dye wallpaper that comes in 7 colors.


Behold the mysteries of the universe, all contained within the beauty and grace of our new graphic peel and stick wallpaper. Lava Lamp comes either in blue or pink.


Create unique backgrounds with Yellowpop’s kids' peel and stick wallpaper

Do you want to create unique and outstanding walls? Perfect for your kids' room or a playroom, you can go wild with our wide range of lovely kids’ murals.


Shop Yellowpop kids wallpapers now. Great prices, easy to use, peel and stick, and a variety of kids designs and patterns.