Vic Garcia neon signs

Vic Garcia and Yellowpop have one very important thing in common: we both use art to brighten up the world! We’ve come together to do this with 5 all-new LED neon signs, designed by the brilliant artist. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity, taking each piece from bright to brilliant.

Our collaboration with the Miami-based artist has furthered out involvement in the Miami art scene. We’re inspired by his expressive characters and vivid color combinations, and more than that, the positive messages attached to each character.

Now, you can bring his infectious optimism into your home, creating a bright environment that will inspire you to turn your BIGGEST dreams into a reality!


Discover 5 all-new neon artworks designed by the master of positivity, Vic Garcia. In it you’ll find colorful characters drawn in a playful, cartoonish style that simply POP to life in the neon light. Pick up one of these LED neon signs, then check out Vic’s famous murals and canvases. Can you spot your character in them?



Vic Garcia is a self-taught Cuban-American artist whose journey began with the walls of his college dorm. When his friends fell in love with his pen and paper creations, he decided to walk away from the business world and forge his own path. He developed his free, cartoonish style of artwork, which he’s used on canvases, murals, and clothing. Since those first college days, he’s gone on to work with high-profile brands such as NBA Lab, Miami Heat, Billionaire Boys Club, and his works are owned by celebrities like Bad Bunny, Jennifer Lopez, and Nate Robinson. His proudest accomplishment, however, is the impact he’s made on his community, inspiring local kids to pursue their dreams. We’re proud to help him spread his message of positivity through this collaboration!



Brighten your space with the inspired characters and uplifting messages of Vic Garcia.

Positive Messages

Each of Vic Garcia’s “Studio Friends” comes with its own story and message of positivity. Choose the character that resonates with you.

Inspired Origins

Vic is a self-taught artist, led by a passion to inspire those around him with his infectious positivity. Tap into his brilliant spirit with these 5 neon artworks!

Artistic Community

We’re excited to further our involvement in the vibrant art community of Miami, where Vic has his studio. Bring the spirited creativity of Miami into your home with any one of his inspired LED neon signs!

Dream Big

Vic Garcia discovered the power of pursuing his dreams when he turned his imagination into an artistic world. Join this group of passionate dreamers with the neon signs of Vic Garcia World!

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“I was shown that if I put my heart and passion into what I love, everything I can imagine can become a reality.”