Creating a neon wonderland for Batman Escape - Case Study

France's Largest Escape Game Levels Up with Neon Lights

In the heart of France's bustling escape game scene, Dama Dreams embarked on an ambitious project – "Batman Escape," a 3,000 square meter extravaganza dedicated to the Dark Knight. To bring the immersive world of Gotham City to life, they turned to Yellowpop, known for their certiLED™ neon signs. The result? An immersive experience that wowed visitors and left a lasting impression.

David Harari, co-founder of Dama Dreams, found Yellowpop through a personal experience as a customer. When the "Batman Escape" project required over 40 neon lights, he immediately thought of Yellowpop due to the quality and craftsmanship that had already impressed him.



Bringing Gotham to Life with Neon Lights

The challenge was clear: to recreate the moody, neon-lit streets of Gotham City. Yellowpop's design team rose to the occasion, meeting the specific needs of the project. The custom LED neon signs played a pivotal role in providing the necessary realism to the sets, making visitors feel like they had stepped into the dark, enigmatic world of the Caped Crusader.

These vibrant neon creations illuminated the vast 3,000 square meters of the escape game, particularly in key locations like the Immersive Street, the Batcave, and the Joker's lair. With their unique glow, they contributed to the ambiance and story of the game.

The response from visitors was unanimous: they were captivated by the sets. The neon lights not only added to the visual appeal but also immersed players in the authentic atmosphere of Gotham City. It was as if Batman himself was watching over their journey.


“10/10 ! From now on, all our immersive projects involving neon will be done with Yellowpop. The customer service is top notch and the elements we receive always meet our expectations.”
- David Harari

Yellowpop's collaboration with Dama Dreams for "Batman Escape" is a testament to the transformative power of certiLED™ neon in creating unforgettable experiences. With over 40 custom neon signs illuminating the world of Batman, we once again proved that Yellowpop is the go-to choice for projects that demand excellence in LED neon craftsmanship.