Ed Banger Records Case Study

Case study: Yellowpop illuminates La Maison de la Radio

La Maison de la Radio is a venue for creating and producing radio programs in Paris, France. The Nef, a large exhibition hall, is often used for cultural and artistic events. French graphic artist So Me wanted to create a neon installation there, for which he chose to collaborate with Yellowpop.

"We discovered Yellowpop through ED BANGER RECORDS, for which we received a neon from the collaboration with Mr.André. We decided to work with Yellowpop for our neon installation in the Nef of La Maison de la Radio because artist So Me had always dreamed of creating numerous neons, and Yellowpop made it possible. Yellowpop's neons brought light, color, and joy to the Nef, and generated discussions among visitors. Our experience with Yellowpop was very positive and professional. We recommend Yellowpop to anyone who wants to add brightness to their space!"