Lazeo Case Study

Lazeo brings a touch of elegance to its medical centres with Yellowpop Neon Signs

Lazeo, a leader in aesthetic medicine centres, discovered Yellowpop via Instagram. The brand was seduced by the quality, fast delivery and reasonable prices of our LED neon signs. They decided to use the neon lights in the reception areas and waiting rooms of their Lazeo centres.

"We discovered Yellowpop on Instagram and were impressed with the quality, fast delivery and reasonable prices of their neon signs. We decided to use them in the reception and waiting areas of our Lazeo centres. The LED neons have brought a touch of elegance to the spaces where they have been installed, and have generated discussion among customers and employees. Customers recognise our neons, they take pictures of them. The "LZ" neon signs became an integral part of the Lazeo identity. It also generated a lot of social media coverage. We have had a positive experience with Yellowpop as a trusted partner and we recommend them 1000%."