10 neon signs that create a chilled vibe in your home

10 neon signs that create a chilled vibe in your home

Check out these 10 neon signs designed to create a more calm, chilled and happy home.

Jul 9, 2020 Read More

The home is one of the only places in life we truly have command over (unless you have kids of course). They are our domain, a space where we can stamp our print all over the decor and create themes around what interests us and makes us happy. They are incredibly personal spaces, obviously, and what works for you might not work for your friend Susie, or Ray (nothing ever works for Ray). 

So what makes a house a home for you? What makes your heart sing? Whatever your interior style, most homes have a spot where those that reside within can retreat to in times of chaos. Those quiet places where the kids are not allowed. The seat by the window with the perfect light for reading. The wicker chair surrounded by plants that has the undeniable quality of making you say “ahh, that’s better” while sipping a cup of coffee. 

Calming interior themes don’t need to have a particular color palette. Though, they do tend to lean towards more neutral and earthy colors, but this isn’t a requirement. Instead, the most effective themes contain features and soft furnishings, like plants or candles, which are designed to inspire a relaxing, more natural atmosphere.

So where does neon come in? Well, despite its electric glow, neon has the awesome quality of elevating the tone of any interior theme. It’s amazing really and reminds of us of that popular kid at high school who was just good at everything. If you are looking for something that compliments the pop-art theme in your kitchen, there’s a neon for that. If you are looking for something that makes your kids room feel more playful, there’s a neon for that. And, if you are looking for something to transform your bedroom into a dreamy, more peaceful space, you can bet there’s a neon for that too.

The same goes for creating a more relaxing space. Below, we’ve listed ten examples of neon signs that can help create the chilled, quiet space we all long for.

Good Enough

Good Enough

This sign was designed by the awesome team at The Boys Club Berlin. We’ve kicked things off with their sign as we feel it’s a good message to promote and important to remember: you are good enough. The soft pinks and yellow create a warm, calm atmosphere.

Extra chill

Extra Chill

For those of us that like things a little louder this sign sets the tone perfectly. Keep it chilled, but don’t lose the fun in the process.

Shine Bright

We love this sign designed by Stephane Lopes. It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s beautiful. It emits the same chilled vibe as a sunny summer’s day.


Picked from our Core Collection, the soothing blue in this neon brings a calmness to the room. It’s pictured here within a bedroom, but could also sit perfectly in a studio or office space too.

Take a chill pill

Take A Chill Pill

Designed by artist Kelly Dabbah, this 80s expression has been reimagined in neon. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s colorful. Perfect.

Take It Easy

This neon has a 70s feel to it and was designed by the lettering maestro Stephane Lopez. Groovy, baby.



Featuring in our Core Collection, this minimalist floral neon depicting a magnolia flower is beautifully simple, clean and calming.

Have a nice day

Have A Nice Day

Keys, purse, phone. Check. Head to the front door Have a nice day! Thank you, sweet neon sign, I will.

Peace hand

Peace Hand

Another neon from our Core Collection, this sign is all about promoting peace and love, man.



Birds have it so good. If they’re having a bad beak day they can just fly high into the sky away from all of their problems. They’re symbols of freedom and white doves, in particular, represent peace. Check out this neon here.

So there you have it. If none of these signs take your fancy why not peruse the rest of our collection, or have a go at creating your own neon sign.