5 Outdoor Spaces Perfect for LED Neon Signs

5 Outdoor Spaces Perfect for LED Neon Signs

Jul 28, 2022 Read More

Outdoor neon can be used for more than just brightening the night. You can utilize this unconventional lighting source to highlight what makes your space, and style, so unique. Whether it’s extra cozy lighting for evening tea or a playful pop for summer barbecues, LED neon is a versatile element that will pull out the unexpected from outdoor environments!


Depending on the space (a balcony, courtyard, etc.) you’re going to want to utilize your neon in a different way to make the most of that specific environment. Not only can you create powerful first impressions with outdoor neon, but more importantly, you can cultivate a strong sense of place in what can easily become a generalized “outside” area.


Have a look at our suggestions for how to use your neon to define outdoor spaces for function, activity, and mood!




The first thing that comes to mind when dealing with a balcony is the view. This may be the highlight point, but a balcony can be used for more than taking in your neighborhood. If decorated properly, it can become your go-to brunch spot or, in the evening, the perfect place to unwind and reflect on your day. Red, yellow, or cream neon will amplify this cozy space with a warm and calming light.


Given that a balcony is a perfect place for your plants, a good floral neon sign would make a delightful complement. You can also capture the high-flying spirit of a balcony’s position with a playful, uplifting text-based sign like our “Never Grow Up” which will have you feeling like Peter Pan. The goal with a balcony is to highlight the uplifting spirit of its expansive view!




In the summer, a terrace becomes the social hub of the neighborhood. Backyard barbecues, evening drinks, and outdoor dinners take place in this one space. What better way to highlight this jovial, welcoming atmosphere than with a bright pop of neon?


A few ideas come to mind right away! Perhaps you want to put your favorite brand of beer in neon to hang above the grill for an outdoor eatery aesthetic. Or, maybe you steer into the playful with some neon burgers and pizza to remind people of your tasty creations?


LED neon is associated with social connection, just like a good terrace, so why not mix the two and create a welcoming atmosphere for the whole neighborhood!




In terms of outdoor spaces, a courtyard offers the most unique style opportunities. It features the cozy, insulated atmosphere of indoor spaces with the bright wash of natural light you get outdoors. This gives neon a special opportunity to shine!


First, you can tap into the cozy aesthetic of European restaurants with a neon sign. It will give your space a tucked-away cafe vibe, perfect for morning coffee, brunch, or evening drinks. Your conversation will sparkle under the design romance of a courtyard and neon sign.


Second, given that courtyards, more than any other outdoor space, suffer from the sun’s hourly movements, an LED neon sign can be used to keep your lighting balanced. As shadows shift and grow, your space will maintain its brightness!




A garden is an artistic labor of love, taking months and sometimes years to reach completion. Now that you’ve cultivated a vibrant floral collage, accentuate its beauty with an LED neon sign!


The obvious choice is to pick a floral design, but if you’re looking to highlight the artistic nature of a garden, choose an abstract design instead or convert a line of poetry into neon. During the day, these striking signs will heighten the beauty of your garden, while in the evening, the colored light will make the petals pop despite the lack of sunshine.


You can also use neon to organize and call attention to specific floral arrangements. A walk in the garden has never been so enchanting as when LED neon is added into the mix!




Your porch is the first thing people see when they visit, so what better way to welcome them than with a neon twist to the traditional welcome mat!

You can put your family name in neon for a general welcome, or get creative with a statement or custom design that reflects your style, personality, and values. It will give visitors an immediate and lasting impression of your home, and no one will forget to take their shoes off when they're told to do so with neon!

A neon sign for your porch also functions as a soothing light for those hot summer evenings lounging with a cup of coffee or tea. As the sun falls, your sign will shine brighter, tapping into the romantic aesthetic of neon signs in big cities!




An outdoor space includes just as many design possibilities as your indoor spaces, it just takes a little imagination! Whether it’s a courtyard, terrace, or balcony, you can highlight your spaces’ natural virtues while adding an unconventional pop of artistry!


Click HERE to learn more about our outdoor neon signs and their construction! Already know what design you want to use to elevate the outdoors? Use our text editor to create a text-based sign within five minutes, or, submit a design to transform your imagined creation into a neon masterpiece!