Cold White Neon Signs

Cold White Neon Signs

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

Ok, ok, so we know what you’re thinking. What is there to say about clean, cold white? It’s basically an absence of color — not a color itself. Pure white is the commonest shade for any old lightbulb, one you see almost every day everywhere you look anywhere in the world. It’s beautiful, sure, but, c’mon, white might even be a little boring. What in the world is so special about it? 

Everything. Don’t get it twisted: A white neon sign is classic, an awesome option for almost any LED neon sign out there. If you’re struggling to decide what color you want for your neon sign, cold white might just be the option for you. But it’s more than just a failsafe: cold white is in and of itself the best and most ideal choice for a whole range of Yellowpop ideas.

What’s the vibe that cold white conveys? Timeless cool. A little bit 1980s, a little bit sci-fi futuristic, cold white is just plain badass.

Where’s right for cold white

White, of course, is known for its versatility and will work in almost any room in your house, but we’re big proponents of a white neon sign for living spaces like dens, offices, and kid rooms. If you’re looking for an LED neon sign more specifically for your bedroom, another Yellowpop option — warm white — is probably the one for you, as it emits a calming glow that will help you doze off into la-la land. 

Cold white, on the other hand, has a more buzzing burst of energy. Have a big blank wall you haven’t figured out what to do with? White’s your color. Want a neon sign that fits in with a gallery wall-style melange of framed photos and artworks? White’s ideal. Want a neon sign that’s not only beautiful but practical, too, offering a glow that will light up a room almost as a lamp does? White will do it. Just too plain indecisive to make big decisions about hues and shades? White’s practically guaranteed to make you happy.


What’s tight in cold white

Almost any Yellowpop sign will work well in cold white, but there are a smattering of options that are downright perfect. For one, our insanely awesome collaboration with Keith Haring features a number of signs that use cold white in the coolest possible way. The iconic Radiant Baby is a glowing cold white totem of optimism and creativity, a sign that is sure to bring good vibes to any room.

For anyone looking for lowkey but impactful designs, the Circle 03, a collaboration with Crosby Studios, is minimalist and amazing. The Rocket, made in conjunction with French artist André Saraiva, imagines cold white the most playful of contexts, a perfect addition to any kid’s room.

For those of you looking for a custom white neon sign, cold white could work for just about anything, but we think it’s particularly perfect for any quote or song lyric all about being badass. “Cool for the summer,” “Chill out,” “Ice cold,” “Before it was cool,” “Cool as a cucumber” — anything nonchalant will work in cold white. 


How to mix and match

This is the real joy of cold white — it goes with anything! Have a room that’s purple from floor-to-ceiling? Cold white will work! Have a weird orange couch from the 1970s that you stole from your grandma’s attic? Cold white will brighten it up. Moved into a new place with lime green shag carpeting? A cold white light will chill it all out.

Again, don’t listen to the haters: a white neon sign isn’t commonplace and boring — it’s exemplary and awesome.