Dark Blue Neon Signs

Dark Blue Neon Signs

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

Looking for a little bit of mystery in your life? We all are — with everyone up in our business all the time in the bright floodlights of social media, sometimes you want your house to feel like a little secret lair made only for you. That’s where dark blue neon comes in — a blue neon sign will give your space a mystical, magical glow, one that feels private and special and all yours. Ok, so we don’t need to go full on David Lynch Blue Velvet weirdness here, but a healthy dose of mystique is helpful for any house.

The painter Yves Klein — who loved blue so much they named a shade of it after him — one said of the color: “Blue has no dimensions. It is beyond dimensions.” And that’s basically how we’ve come to think of it — a special hue that, when turned on in bright neon, can make us feel like we’re floating out deep in the ocean or flying through the sky. Which is to say: blue is our happy place.



Blue is the coolest color

Unlike the more brilliant colors (like pink and red and yellow, all of which we love for their own special reasons), blue lighting doesn’t fill your space with electric energy but instead lowers the vibrations down a notch to make for a more relaxed atmosphere. What does that mean? A blue neon sign is absolutely ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and, in fact, any room with a TV, computer, or any space where there may be a lot of other distracting light and movement. Think of a blue neon sign as the ultimate night light — it will guide your way in the dark without making you jittery when you should be in rest mode.

A blue neon sign is also anywhere you want to give a cave-like vibe, too. A creative doing WFH all day and even into the night? Whether you’re painting or graphic designing or using Pro Tools to make a future #1 hit song, a blue neon sign is a great way to make your studio, office, lab, brainstorm room, or free place that much more inspiring, personal, and artistic, so you can make the masterpieces you were born to make.



What to do in blue

There are some LED neon signs that are born and bred in blue, like the incredibly calming Peace and Love, two signs from our collaboration with interiors maven Jonathan Adler that were created in blue. But there are also many signs that feel tailormade to be done in blue, should you so choose. A Big Big Heart in dark blue neon is like a melancholy Chet Baker song come to  life — as sweet as it is wistful.  “This must be the place” in dark blue neon is also guaranteed to bring a little emotion into your environment.

But if you’re looking to go the custom route for your LED neon sign, dark blue could be the perfect complement to all kinds of complex, enigmatic, moody phrases that are guaranteed to add a bit of sparkle and surprise to your walls. We suggest thinking of a quote, phrase, or song lyric that epitomizes a sense of wonder and do it up in dark blue neon. “Never stop questioning,” “Curiosity is the key,” “Secrets secrets are no fun,” “We tell ourselves stories in order to live,” “The center is not holding,” “Slouching towards Bethlehem,” “Think and wonder, wonder and think,” “Time is an illusion,” “Stay curious,” “We meet no ordinary people in our lives,” “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom” — whatever words make you feel a sense of awe and fascination about the world, they’re bound to look even more astonishing in Yellowpop’s bold dark neon blue.



How to mix and match

There are very few colors dark blue won’t look good with — it tends to add a sense of aura to anything it complements, particularly purple, green, and white. Paired with more vibrant colors, like orange or red, it basically becomes a neutral, helping healthy hues shine even brighter. 

You won’t go wrong with dark blue neon — at Yellowpop, we always, always think it’s just right.